Mens hair cuts & color

Men's hair  coloring 

Mens hair cuts and color Getting the younger you back.

Adding just the right amount of color with the perfect formula that will complement your skin tones.

Mens gray hair color service 

Exploring the ideas of mens hair coloring , in todays world of hair coloring whether you're a business  man  or just want to be yourself and have a little fun with hair color for men. We offer from Permanent color witch stays in the hair longer  and covers  gray hair a one hundred percent .

Demi - hair color this is  a great product for the individual that does not want as much maintainability in hair color. This product is more translucent and   fades out gradually.

Lightening hair for men , Blonde  hair coloring for men 2019

Depending on each situation and you’re lifestyle we can adapt the color that  will complement your style.


Everybody knows that women are under a lot of pressure to look good. Salons are full of women, getting facials, manicures, color and cuts. Seeing a man at the salon is like spotting an endangered species. But why aren’t men keeping up appearances? Maybe they feel that good grooming only requires the basics: a barber cut, a shave and clean clothes. Surely, they think, men don’t have to worry about hairstyles, products, or God forbid, styling tools! Unfortunately, those guys that ignore style and grooming don’t realize they are giving the wrong impression, or worse, no impression at all. Those heartthrobs that women swoon over in the movies make an effort to be hot. Even when they have that unkempt look that women love, it is a masterful mix of rugged manliness with professional grooming. 

Maybe men are a little intimidated by an industry that seems to be dominated by women and gay men. Let’s face it, men don’t like to jump into something that feels foreign, myself included. But being stylishly groomed has its rewards so keep your eye on the prize, namely women. You can’t expect to compete for the attention of women when images of Ryan Gosling or George Clooney are dancing in their heads, meanwhile you have the same haircut from middle school, except it grows longer from your ears than your head. The double standard that men get to be slobs while women bend over backwards to be fit and beautiful is gone. American men spend over 50% more on grooming than they did in 1997. In The U.K. that rate rose by 66% in just one year, from 2010 to 2011. If you men haven’t already begun to put some effort into your grooming routine you will quickly be overshadowed by those who do. 

Lastly, when we put effort into our image it pays in our professional life too. Like it or not, first impressions are visual. People equate a positive image with many positive traits, such as integrity, honesty, and reliability. Not to mention, when we put effort into our appearance it gives us confidence. Confidence shows in our body language, which tells others that we have self-respect, which gains the respect of others. So whether you want to improve your success in the bedroom or the boardroom, find a good stylist. It all starts with looking the part. 

Mens hair color Bleach and tone  for blonde hair color

Todays men are looking for more dramatic and groomed hair cuts . A versatile hair cut is the way to go.

The fade hair cut is perfect for those men that have no patience to fix and style their hair.

Hair-Color for men on gray hair should look natural not overly colored 

How many men actually like to have their color done when it looks like shoe polish, Todays men are more save about hair coloring and styles than ever before. Gray hair can be done with the right combination of formulas for each individual client.

Color tones that are mixed specially for each gray hair client .

Mens gray hairColor can look natural and not over done , The right formulations and the understanding of hair color chemistry clients don’t have to suffer from color that does not look good on them or color that turns brassy and looks like shoe polish.

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

The groomed hair cut , perfect for professionals that love to dress for work.

Hair color for men can look natural without the shoe polished look.

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