Dream of being a  red head,  RED hair Painting a color that is memorable and dazzling

Unleashing the Power of Red hair color:  A Journey to Vibrant red Hair   . MARTIN RODRIGUEZ'S HAIR colorist  SALON - DAYThe salon is filled with the soothing hum of hair dryers and the gentle chatter of clients. MARTIN RODRIGUEZ, a master hair colorist in his late 40s with an air of confidence, stands before a MIRROR,

red  hair color

 holding a palette of vibrant red hair color. He looks determined, ready to create magic.MARTIN(looking at the mirror)Today is the day we bring your hair to life with the power of red. Are you ready?CLIENT, a young woman in her mid-20s, sits in the salon chair, excitement and anticipation in her eyes.CLIENT(nervously)I'm ready, Martin. I trust you completely. Let's make a statement with my hair!MARTIN smirks, his eyes filled with the joy of creative possibilities.MARTIN(exuding confidence)Excellent! Red is a captivating color that symbolizes passion, strength, and individuality. But it's important to choose the perfect shade for your skin tone and personality.MARTIN begins meticulously sectioning the client's hair, preparing it for the transformation.MARTIN(engagingly)So, tell me, what draws you to vibrant red hair?CLIENT(thoughtfully)I've always admired people who dare to be different. I want a color that reflects my fiery spirit and makes heads turn.MARTIN nods, understanding her desire to stand out from the crowd.MARTIN(proudly)Red can do just that! I have a vast selection of red shades, ranging from fiery reds to deep wine hues. We'll find the perfect one for you.MARTIN carefully mixes the vibrant red hair color, blending different tones to create a customized shade.MARTIN(excitedly)This color I'm creating for you will be unique, just like you. It will enhance your features and complement your skin tone flawlessly.CLIENT(grinning)I can't wait to see it!MARTIN applies the color with precision, meticulously covering every strand of hair. The salon fills with the sweet scent of the coloring product.MARTIN(assuringly)The vibrancy of this red 

will shine through, making your hair a work of art. But remember, maintaining the color's brilliance requires proper care and attention.CLIENT(eagerly)What should I do to keep it looking amazing?MARTIN finishes applying the color and steps back, admiring his work.MARTIN(grinning)First, use color-safe shampoo and conditioner to preserve the red's intensity. Avoid excessive heat styling and protect your hair from the sun. And of course, regular touch-ups will keep your hair looking vibrant and fresh.CLIENT looks at herself in the mirror, eyes wide with awe.CLIENT(in awe)Martin, it's incredible! I feel like a new person.MARTIN(content)I'm thrilled that you love it! Remember, this vibrant red color represents your uniqueness and confidence. Embrace it, and let it be an extension of who you are.They exchange a warm smile, a bond formed through the transformative power of hair color.FADE OUT.

Getting RID of box black color can be challenging ,after 5 hours to achieve beautiful red violet painted tones

a combination of various tones from dark to light in a gradient pattern

Copper hair painting from blonde to Ginger copper, great color takes time.The brighter ideas of hair coloring.hair color as if you where worn with it.

2020  hair color painting on dark  black hair  , great color takes time.

Before and afters LONG hair coloring

Dreamy   contouring  RED hair  by Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez Founder of ColourWand balayage tools.

Here are some of the TOP reasons WHY hair color won't last.

1.Using the wrong shampoo

2.sunlight will destroy the red dyes

3. Dry hair, environment and ph in hair

4.Copper deposits from water

5.Sweating and acid salts can cause hair color to fade and prevent great coverage .

6.Bad formulations and under timing color

You’ve finally noticed the perfect Red-Hair Coloring shade in a magazine. All hair color formulation are formulated  according  to your  hair, No tube is perfect  and may  not  have enough reflection of tone .  Let  the expert Hair  colorist Martin Rodriguez  help  you achieve   your  dreamy  hair color and look.

What you don’t realize is that the color of one’s skin tone can affect that perfect hair color. This is a lesson I’ve learned after years of working behind the chair choosing and formulating the perfect tones for my clients. Red hair colors varies on tones and it is one of the most important facts when it comes to choosing color for your skin.

Red  hair painting 2019

Fall hair colors for 2018 Red hair with copper and gold tones for the perfect reflection of coloring ,hand painted hair a masterful hair art.

Copper hair painting

Copper with a variations of red orange and yellow 

Hair color correction getting rid of black  dye and wanting red hair  color

Peach with pink hair color painting 2018

All hair is treated after each chemical service

red hair

Copper reds contouring hair color

Getting rid of RED haircolor , Going back to blond.

Scheduling appointments online with hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

What is the one Hair problem I can help you with?

Hair painting is the hottest hair color trend for 2018, With hair painting we have so many coloring options From Natural browns with violet base tones to beautiful vibrant reds hair painting can be done on any type oh hair from straight to curly hair say’s Martin Rodriguez hair colorist at Ooh la la salon spa , fountain valley ca.

Red haircolor and a bob cut 2018

Red peach color

Red peach hair-color on curly hair 2018

Long red hair

 Red hair color with layers and various tones

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What red hair shades will and won’t work for you?


WITH a subtle red shade, a combination of strawberry blonde shade blended with a amber gold as aback ground and deep brighter red as a pop color will make your color stand out above the rest. Works great on pale skin tones and won’t overpower your coloring. Keep your color choice on the lighter side.


A combination of coffee and chocolate red tones and auburns work wonders on darker hair. First time with reds, try subtle red high lights to get use to the idea and the way you feel. Stay close to your color tone so you don’t feel awkward.love your red hair color and stand out from the rest.

Medium skin tone:

Auburns, golden apricot, orange gold as a pop color blended trough out will be a great choice as long as they’re not too dark. Remember that it’s NOT just about choosing the right colors for SKIN tone. The second most important role in coloring is Color placement and method of application.

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Sometimes when people see the pictures of my work, they ask me for the formula. Did Picasso or Van Gogh have a formula? No! There is no formula for creativity. Red hair color can be mixed with various pigment tones to create a masterpiece.

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez
Founder of ColourWand balayage tools

HOT RED heads

This hair color was picked for the clients skin tone and life style

All red head formulas are blended to the skin tone of each individual client 

Red violet auburn Hair painting using a combination of shades

Mocha and red violets

A combination of Copper ,Violet and red

Red violet on dark hair with Burgundy and violet

Copper base a blend of yellow golds and copper 

Fire Red with a splash of pink 

Turn heads with red hair color all formulas are blended to compliment your skin tone and life style by Hair stylist Martin Rodriguez

Hair painting hair color 

Your hair says a lot about you! Look your best 

Burgundy red orange and violet hair color

Long red violet hair color and long soft waves

Hair color painting by Martin


Hair painting with colour wand red hair color tones

Sometimes when people see the pictures of my work, they ask me for the formula. Did Picasso or Van Gogh have a formula? No! There is no formula for creativity. 

Hair stylist Martin Rodriguez
Founder of Colour Wand

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Long red hair color by Martin

Vivid reds that turn heads

Red ha

copy wrights Hair colorist  Martin Rodriguez - colourwand balayage tools