Brunette hair  in many shades of color

All hair color corrections require a consultation appointment with 

Deposit of $200 No exceptions.this service is an hourly charge hair color correction may take longer than 6 hours or more depending on your hair history.

Beyond Brunette: Exploring Variations in Hair Color Tones"


Brunette blended balayage 

brunette blond on latin hair

Brunette blondes

Brunettes that are willing to change for the better of a little brightness , no more black box dye

Brunette Hair color no Brassy tones

Looking to have your dark hair color and wanting light hair be sure to allow plenty of time for this process . Depending on your hair history it may take over seven hours to achieve this process and could be costly.

hair color correction review

Hair color correction on brunettes  client came in with gray grown our brassy color  wanted a blended blond color

Tabaco color tones are a combination of blue violet with gold or with neutral color pigment

Hair painting on Latina hair with shadow root no more brassy tones due to poor hair color understanding .

Client wanted balayage and got stripes so she came to see me to get rid of the stripes and brassy red orange hair color 2019

Brunette hair color correction this client took over six hours to blend and tone properly . got rid of all the blotchy hair color added softer natural tones .

Brunettes that would love to be lighter , Not all brunette hair  is the same when it comes to having the right hair color tones and lighter hair it takes time and we must take care of the hair process to maintain the integrity of hair .

Latina dark hair this client wanted lighter hair color with the idea of  still looking  great on her skin tone this service took over  six hours.

Asian hair color correction this client had multiple orange tones and dark bands of color ,her desire was to have it lighter and still maintain a cool look without the brassy  orange tones, this process took over six hours after correction the color and treating  the hair  for optimum health.

Asian hair client wanted to get rid of black hair color due  to not complementing her lifestyle and skin tones, lighter hair with contour makes her look younger and more radiant  .


Balayage   for brunettes without the  orange tones, summer is a great time to   have your hair sun kissed  or adding a little balayage hair painting to bring out the natural tones as if it was done by the  sun.

Brunettes  on  the lighter side

One of the biggest problems  with very dark hair is that   some colorist  over process the hair using high volume developer  causing the hair to  break and look  dull.  Great color  takes time and must repair hair after each chemical service , Maintaining  your hair at home is a must using salon  haircare that is recommended by your colorist.

Variations of balayage on dark hair ,not every clients want light hair, in some cases its better to stay close to the natural tones  the sun will give your hair.

Sun-kiss  Balayage hair color for brunette  

sun -kiss balayage

Brunette  balayage hair  painting

brunette  balayage

Blue hair painting on brunette hair

Hair coloring for brunettes  for fall 2018

Warm color tones with violet reds, blue Mahogany and natural background color without any hash tones

Summer Balayage hair color for brunette hair 2018 

Balayage hair-Color for brunettes , Depending on the natural level of color and texture that the hair contains one must know and formulate the color to prevent unwanted tones.

Brunette Shadow Root hair with Balayage 2018

Brunette hair is very difficult to avoid the orange tones when you lighten the hair, Martin Rodriguez understand what it takes to avoid the unwanted orange color that ends up looking brassy.

Amber hair color
A few radiant highlights of glowing light brown look bold and beautiful against darker locks.

Cinnamon hair color
Toasty auburn delivers a spice to the hair , radiance, and intensity to red hair.

Caramel hair color tones
Rich, golden honey brown compliments warmer skin tones and adds dimension to brunette locks.

Chocolate dark warm tones with red
Deep brown softens medium-to-deep-brunette tresses and makes dark-blond hair appear richer.

No matter your starting color, our color experts can recommend highlights to bring out your best features. Stop by SmartStyle today and get your color glowing.

strobe color contouting on brunette hair


Hair color painting balayage for brunette hair natural looking without any harsh lines or stripes , well blended and with the right color tones for your hair.

Cool smoky tones for brunette hair is a perfect combination and color does not look brassy.

A variety of color tones can be done on brunette hair from cool golds with violet to smoky ash tones

A combination of golden and smoky tones for dark hair

Natural looking balayage for brunette hair

Brunette balayage more natural looking with dark chocolate and warm tones

Golden amber balayage for brunette hair with a few lighter slices framing the face.

Brunette balayage with a bit more extreme lightness around the face frame


Red violet balayage for brunette hair 

Golden ginger balayage for brunette hair, All hair color is done by Haircolorist Martin Rodriguez , Not assistants this guarantees the best hair color results.

Healthy and shiny hair Color

As a stylist, I believe starting with color closer to your natural level, and then increasing the intensity gradually, creates the sun-kissed effect that is both subtly dramatic and luxurious. The Ombre trend was huge and exciting. Yet once the novelty wore off, the boldness of the style was left seeming more cheap than creative. California Balayage hair repainting ,Sombre Retain the artistic quality of Ombre color, while advancing the technique to more masterful levels without the use of foil.  

Hair-color for brunettes 

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