Hair COLOR painting that makes your hair stand out!

Hair painting can be done in multiple colors as well is in natural tones color that complement each other. So many TONES to choose ,it all depends on your hair and budget  .

Red golden ginger hair color painting a combination of light blonde hair color and red copper tones blended for a classical look by hair colorist Martin Rodriguez.

This golden ginger color will look different in lighting due to the reflection of tones.

Red hair painting using a verity of red ,copper and yellow gold

Red  hair color 2019

All images on this page are hand painted using more than two tones of hair color

Hair Painting


Hair color painting on brunettes October 2019

Hair painting on curly hair

hair color painting for brunettes

Hair painting is a great way to make your hair color stand out from the rest, all hair color painting is done free form with multiple color shades and tones to enhance your hair. All hair coloring is done by Martin Rodriguez. Let me find the perfect combination of hair color to compliment your skin tone and life style.

Red hair color painting by Martin rodriguez

If you desire a natural look you should never go more than 2 to 4 shades lighter than the rest of your HAIR COLOR. Natural looking highlights give you a sun-kissed effect and to bring depth and light to your overall color. Else know as color melt hair painting. 

hair painitng

Balayage Hair Painting


Balayage and hair-painting are great methods to give soft, sun-kissed highlights. Both balayage and hair painting utilize a hand-swept highlight and deposit coloring at the same time. For more natural looks you can use more than three colors for better blending and for that Color as if you where born with it. The processes can be done in open air or with plastic film to keep the color moist. The High-lifting of the hair is through the mid-shaft and gradually into the ends. Keeping in mind by using a gradient effect connected to the base. This is a color service with much less maintenance.


Room temperature Open air and using plastic film Balayage highlighting

       Not lifting more than 4 levels in a single service

       Less maintenance color

       Single process color

       Virgin hair

       Color Melts, Sombre hair ,Blended Balayage,Hair Painting

Blending and softening the regrowth on foil highlights

Foil highlighting

Foil: Using the foil method for highlighting is a great way to achieve a higher lift on highlights. The foil retains heat, it allows the lightener to lift lighter in a concentrated areas. 

Traditional foil Techniques

       On a dark haired clients that want more than four levels of lift.

       Dramatic color contrast

       Highlights and toning lowlights

       Blending and transitioning a light blonde client to a softer sombre and blending with lowlights


Contrast Color blending

Using both methods of Foil and Balayage for a sunkissed or sombre blending pieces such as a level 8 or lighter. 

of a sombre or colormelt through the mid-shaft and ends.


A technique that combines balayage-hair-painting and foil called foil-yage. This technique requires the use of foils and hair painting balayage. Using a feathering application in a gradient pattern from darker to lightener ends. Incasing the lightener placement of light-ner with a darker inner color for contrast. incubating the highlight adjust your developer strength to what you would use while doing a traditional foil highlight. 


Golden Light and bronze to enhance TheClients NATURAL hair color

Before hair color wand painting

Hand painting hair color using red and warm tones

Hand painting with ColourWand Boards

Hair  Painting by hair colorist Martin Rodriguez  coloring hair for over three decades

Color can add dimension and contrast 

Natural looking sun kissed hair color No foil was used on any of these clients all hand painted by Hair stylist Martin Rodriguez

Sun kissed golden tones

Hand painted hair coloring using four shades of hair color for that natural looking hair. we can create any formula specially for your hair and lifestyle .

Hand painting on DARK hair natural sun kissed hair color 

Red hair color

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Hair painting on gray hair , adding various tones to gray hair can look as if your hair never aged! By Martin Rodriguez , hair coloring as if you were born with it.

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