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The one chemical that dries out hair in hair in coloring is the wrong choice by stylist when they choose to high of a developer the higher the volume the more burn or mare damage, Hair color requires patience and understanding of chemicals. Over the years I have colored many clients and have fixed many mistakes made by others and take my position as your colorist very series . as we all know we have one head of hair and we must take care of it with love and patience and the best way is to e educated in what we do.

All hair color corrections require a consultation appointment with deposit of $200 No exceptions.this service is an hourly charge hair color correction may take longer than 6 hours or more depending on your hair history.

          Soft Beige blonde tones after getting rid of gold

Hair color correction  , Are you unhappy with Your  hair, Does it look brassy, stripy and tones are to orange or  Un-natural . in HAIR COLOR chemistry the formulation of color is very important to achieve the right tone. Manufactures create levels of color from 1 through 10 or from black to blond each level of tone has a certain amount of color units. Level 1 black has 40 units.Dark blond level 6 has 12. Level 10 has 10units.Each level of color has a background, tone and a reflection one must understand what lives in each level of color.

  Depending on your hair  color now the formula must be adjusted accordingly to back ground level , tone and reflection.When lightening hair the hair protein is being broken down and reflecting certain tones.

NOT all hair color corrections are the same removing black hair color on a client that is born with lack hair and wants to go gray could take many hours . most people don’t realize that there is levels of gray as well.

1.History of hair.  2.Condition of hair .3 percentage of gray. 4. Maintenance.

 All hair color corrections require a consultation appointment with deposit of $200 No exceptions.this service is an hourly charge hair color correction may take longer than 6 hours or more depending on your hair history.

hair color correction we require a consultation appointment not all corrections are fast some may take longer than you think so please give your self plenty of time.

 Please schedule on line.  

FOR CONSULTATIONS ,Fee is $50.oo for a 20 min consult .

Hair color correction $185 per hour some corrections can take over six hours or longer.

Getting rid of brassy red brown hair coloring the a client wants lighter color , this is a long process to ensure the health of hair , not all hair is the same darker  hair takes longer and  needs to be treated after each chemichal service followed by tones.

Eye color and hair texture helps to identify the solution to formulation .

First visit removing black tone to lighter on asian hair 

Nordic Blonde hair color, What does this mean when it comes to hair color, Most  people would not even think or consider the eye color when it comes to having their hair colored or think twice if its even possible , However I get a lot of calls for white blonde  hair. In hair color charts there is no such thing about white color pigment its Nothing like paint for house these are totally two separate  chemicals and do not work the same . So in hair we must  lighten  the hair as much as possible  without  causing  more damage than needed , so it will be a slow process using low volume  H2o2 and Decolorant with proteins this type of process can  well take over 5 hours depending on your hair, Its not for every client.

Correction on brassy hair getting rid of orange color on Brunette 

summer blondes baby light to blend without the stripes 

HAIR COLOR CORRECTION THE brighter ideas of hair color 

In today’s world of hair coloring so many women want a variation of blonde hair color tones with out the orangy brassy red . My recommendation is to schedule plenty of time and Check your budget this service takes well over five hours . Not every salon or stylist is equipped for this type of service very few have a true understanding of color chemistry and the know how on manipulation color pigment.

This image was done four weeks ago by another salon the client want a blended blonde with a natural looking darker base and she ended up red orange blonde before picture.

Asian hair color correction client was left with unwanted orange brassy color without any contrast correction took about 5 hours.

If you look closely many lines of dark with brassy tones

After photo over five hours of correction

I love when clients send me a text letting me know that they love their color

Taking dark hair to lighter is time consuming and takes knowledge and patience one cannot work on to many clients at the same time Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez takes one client at a time no assistants and completes all services so trust that you’ll get the best color service that you are looking for .

ashy cool blended color latin dark hair color correction

Some hair color correction will take well over five hours of work to ensure the best results please have plenty of time when scheduling your color appointment .This clients hair we spent 7 hours.


Fantasy  hair color correction No more green  hair 

After  getting  RID of blue green  hair coloring

Hair color correction on curly texture hair, Latinas, asian or home  dyed color this is a long process and not all correction are the same. Getting Rid of red and black color tones 2019

Going  blond and getting Rid of red Haircolor

Thick curly hair Texture Great color takes time

Hair color correction and maintain your hair healthy By hair colorist Martin Rodriguez, Many rules in a great color correction my main goal is to give my clients the right color that they want while saving them tons of frustrations .

It takes more than just bleaching hair out when getting rid of unwanted color tones , Knowing and the understanding of neutralizing hair color that is not wanted on hair only longer, Most people would use the color green to try to neutralize this red which if they did it would turn out muddy green. 

Hair color correction, Getting RID of warm color tones 

Blended colors no lines , No harsh stripes

The NO stripe zone in hair color Correction 2018


Getting rid of stripes in hair color can take more than one visit dipping on the situation of each individual client and the condition of the hair.

HOW TO AVOID HOME HAIR COLOR DISASTERS,Don’t end up as a hair-color correction client.

    Many of us have experienced a hair color mishap at some point , or at least dreaded it. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as buying another box of hair color, Cause inside that box there is no color expert and fixing that coloring  mistake. Artificial hair color doesn’t lighten other artificial hair colors unless  completely understand how to manipulate the chemicals in hair color you  It can only lighten natural shades by up for four levels using color and developers. So as tempting as it is to try to “fix” the problem yourself, your attempts could make matters worse.


One of the key ways to avoid color disasters is to have your hair colored by a professional do your hair . Remember that the more layers of home hair color and variety that are applied to hair, the more difficult it is to create a beautiful color, Even for the best hair color masters. This also can make the difference between a color-correction and a complicated service, multiple steps, several hour (possibly weeks or months) process.


If you find that your color is less than you expected, Please schedule a consultation with hair colorist Martin Rodriguez we will get the color you always wanted in time.

Hair color correction Nov, 2022

 : Hair color corrections by Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

Not all hair color corrections are the same some can be simple and easy to fix , Where other color correction services can be very extreme and may take longer than you think, The structure of the hair is very important specially when the hair has been degraded so much that the hair does not hold color any longer. At this point we must repair the hair before doing any more color services to be sure that the hair can handle more chemicals.

Hair color correction on over processed Bleach hair.

At times the hair can be overly processed when clients do their own hair or have a best friend that does not understand how to improve the structure of hair.  The use of flat irons can ELSE be very damaging to the hair , Hot irons can heat up to 450 degrees the use of an iron at this temperature over any kind of hair can cause the cuticle to melt off causing the hair to look like it HAS SPLITS ENDS, its  more damaging on color treated hair and  over processed bleached hair.

Before and afters of hair color correction

Side profile of hair color correction on over proceed 

What looks the Best in Hair Color correction on a level two brunette hair 2022

The biggest challenge in hair coloring is having the knowledge of  color laws and chemistry .   Hair colorist Martin rodriguez with over 35 years of experience and knowledge in hair color chemistry .

The client below is a natural level dark brown and wanted to be blonde it can be done in one day, Make time for yourself and always consult a price before making an appointment ,

Getting rid of an unwanted hair color takes time, yes it can be done in one day, please make a consultation appointment for more information. Hair-color correction $165 an hour .

From red to blonde in six hours by Martin Rodriguez

 Hair color correction ,Get the color you want.  

Unlike many other salons Martin Rodriguez has the experience and understands the law of hair coloring color chemistry and the steps that it takes to get great hair coloring !

Hair color correction can take time and hair needs to be treated with proteins to assure the best hair color results. For hair color correction you may need more that one visit to the salon depending on the condition and health of your hair.

Hair coloring your hair, It is recommended to schedule a consultation for hair color correction. Prices may vary depending on length of hair and the time that will require to correct the hair color. 

Balayage - Hair painting — blondes - Brunette - Redheads - Sun kiss hair-ombre & Sombre

Icy blonde hair color without orange brassy tones hair color correction 2017 by the number one leading hair colorist Martin Rodriguez 

When it comes to a great hair color correction my goal is to leave your hair in the best condition possible and with the right color tone. You can see the image above client had this color done at a local salon and they left  Hair  very brassy with stripes dry out and unhealthy looking. 

The first top image was after one treatment and a toning color to get her by for a week till I had plenty of time to correct her color properly I don’t take clients in-Between my hair colors my clients pay for my time and for the best results.The other two top right pictures are the colors we ended up with after a long process, her hair looks amazing and she was thrilled with the softness and sheen on her hair.


Hair coloring on extreme long thick hair

The The 

For the last 36 years I have been a stylist and colorist in Orange County, California. In that time, I have seen many beauty products and color lines rise and fall in popularity, which gave me the opportunity to try many hair color lines.  I have used many other products in the past from organic to the conventional ammonia hair color. In fact, I was extremely satisfied with many of these products for years I’ve being working behind the chair giving clients the best colors that will compliment their skin tone and hair cuts that will flatter their style. Being a loyal user and  EDUCATOR FOR VARIOUS  lines including my own  caused my client-base to grow with happy, satisfied clients. However, being always ready to try out the new technologies in hair color and products, I never stopped experimenting when new ideas came forth. But, nothing prepared me for the paradigm shift that occurred when I began truly to understand the chemistry of hair color . 


Blond hair color

The understanding of hair Color  has  allowed me to work in an environment with more knowledge and get better results thanks to  my good friend and mentor Dennis Gebhart for sharing his knowledge in the chemistry of hair color attending his classes and always asking questions WITH and opened my mind. in Hair coloring its not just how you mix it’s the understanding the you cannot change the law of hair color,

What is hair color?  all hair color is nighty eight percent chemicals and Knowing what developer can do to the hair.

Not all hair color has the same base tones , so we must know our lines we use in the salon! to give the best hair color results.

Hair color  is 98 percent chemicals one must know what to do and how to maintain the integrity of the hair when coloring hair.  

Hair Color corrections by hair stylist Martin rodriguez

At times hair color correction cannot be done in one session, We have many steps to follow for a successful color correction . 

A goal is great since this is color correction realistic approach is important.

1.Fist step is  history of the hair

2.Treating the hair

3.Adding back what the hair is missing

Martin has attended Masters of the Disaster hair color correction Education by The Guru and chemist Dennis Gebhart to have a better understating of hair color chemistry.

For color correction please book a consultation with Martin First.

Martin Rodriguez @ Ooh La La Salon spa.

18120 Brookhurst St.Unit 59 Fountain Valley ca. 92708

TE.714.366.6964 SCHEDULE BY TEXT Booking on-Line


 The best level for  blonde level are level six and above
Any other color below level six will always have some gold left.
levels 1 through 5 will always be brassy 
toners can be used to neutralized some of the unwanted tones.
 :levels 4 through level 7 make the best red heads
Chocolate Brown
Levels 1 through 4

Hair color with various tones

Tips to enhance hair color

1.Treating the hair making sure the  cuticle of the hair has plenty of moisture and a balanced keratin this will give the hair strength.

2. After the first color we shampoo twice to bring the swollen cuticle down and we treat the hair again before applying a second color application.

Hair color correction is not always a Successful as we would like it to be

  For this task. Each color correction depends on past colors and the hair condition. Hair has to be treated before and the color services. To get the best results in hair coloring one must understand formulation and the state of what the hair will handle, Using semi and Demi coloring to get back to a clean canvas is the best way in other words starting fresh.

The understanding of hair color wheel and the correct use of highlight color and lighteners

Understanding of color tones that will help you get the correct color tone.

Cancelations 24 hours in advance or you will be charged a No show fee.


Estimates on hair color, Not given over the phone

please stop by and Visit Martin for  estimate or check the menu 

Martin Rodriguez @ Ooh La La Salon spa.

18120 Brookhurst St.Unit 59 Fountain Valley ca. 92708

TE.714.366.6964 SCHEDULE BY TEXT Booking on-Line


Flattering natural hair color no matter on the color tones from red hair to blondes or Brunettes, Color should always compliment your skin tone.

Red Hair

You’ve finally noticed the perfect red hair shade in a magazine.

What you don’t realize is that the color of one’s skin tone should be considered while formulating that perfect hair color.

This is a lesson I’ve learned through out the years of working behind the chair choosing and formulating the perfect tones for my clients.

Red hair colors varies on tones from copper to cool blue tones and it is one of the most important facts when it comes to choosing color for your skin.

What are the best hair color tones & shades will and won’t work for you?


With a subtle red shade, a combination of strawberry blonde shade blended with a darker warm tone as a background. A deep brighter red as a pop color will make your color stand out above the rest. Using a third color in a gradient patter to make it look as if you were born with this formulation of coloring.

California blondes:  Blondes with a darker tone base and well blended lighter ends Known as balayage hair painting or color-Melt. Same goes here in order for blonde hair to look its best it is recommended to always add a back ground color tone so the blonde lighter color stands out and looks healthier.


A combination of coffee and chocolate red tones and auburns work wonders on darker hair violet blue base colors look great on dark hair.

Remember that it’s NOT just about choosing the right colors for SKIN tone. The second most important role in coloring is Color placement and method of application.

 Sun kiss hair


hair color correction on dark hair by Martin Rodriguez


Sun kissed natural looking hand painted hair color all done using more than two shades No foil need, No back combing the hair, Hand painting is the new revolution of hair coloring it takes years of mastering, Don’t be fooled “ Martin Rodriguez Is a master hair colorist “

All images on this site is done by Martin

Don’t be fooled by salons and stylist claiming that they know how to do this ask for images of their work. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Balayage blonde hair color correction


Client Review

Martin Rodriguez works absolute wonders with my hair. I came in after going to a stylist for Ombré color who had no idea how to do it correctly. Martin  was successfully in creating the ombré hair color on my hair and he did it all free hand without damaging my hair further. I am often asked about how my hair was done so perfectly. Thank you Martin!

Stephanie Ashley

Hair color corrections can be challenging if the colorist lacks the understanding of color chemistry.

Beautiful Hair Color Can give you a great Confidence.

I love creating custom formulations  for each individual client, To compliment their skin tone and bone structure. 

Highlighting hair color,Dimensional hair color

BALAYAGE by Martin Rodriguez 92708

All hair coloring and formulation is done by Martin

This client went to another salon and asked to have a Balayage color ,what she got was blotchy highlights and very dry out hair.

We treated her hair and gave her a more natural sun kiss color before her wedding date.

Martin Rodriguez

This client came in with stripes in her hair and wanted a better blend of color after one visit it looks amazing and more natural.

Before hair color correction step  Treating hair and Balayage 1

Step two Got rid of the brassy color , No more stripes in hair and the condition of the clients hair is great blowout straight

Final results on hair color correction by Martin Rodriguez

Before and afters on curly hair

Keeping the integrity of the hair, Great hair color takes time!

Martin Rodriguez

Hair colorist 

Martin Rodriguez at Ooh La la salon spa

Fountain Valley ca 92708


714 366-6964


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Basic Color Sense: 

The foundation of hair color is knowing the simple color wheel. Know your primary colors and how they mix to form the spectrum. You can't expect to create beautiful hair color without knowing which colors the hair has and which colors need to be added. Remember That light plays a huge part in hair color, Contrast, Light,Dimension hues.

Keep this in-mind you can use any pattern for color from highlighting to low lights, Ombre’s using patterns the color should compliment the skin tone and the way the hair cut flows

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