"Like an artist's brush on a vibrant canvas, the hues of your hair dance with the light, creating a symphony of beauty that captivates the world. Embrace the transformative power of color, for within each strand lies a story waiting to unfold. Dare to express yourself, for your hair is the masterpiece that paints the essence of your soul." - Martin Rodriguez, Hair Colorist

Orange County Balayage specialist


Balayage Hair Painting with Master Hair Colorist Martin Rodriguez


A stylish and modern hair salon is bustling with clients and hair stylists. We focus on MARTIN RODRIGUEZ, a charismatic and talented master hair colorist. He stands near a client, LUCY, who is seated in a salon chair.


(looking at MARIA's hair)

MARIA, today we're going to create a beautiful balayage effect in your hair. Are you ready?



Absolutely, Martin! I've heard so much about your balayage hair painting skills, and I can't wait to see the final result.



I'm glad to hear that, MARIA. Balayage is all about adding natural-looking highlights that blend seamlessly with your base color. It's a technique that provides dimension and movement to your hair.

Martin walks over to his workstation, where he has various tools and bowls of hair color.



Now, the first step is to analyze your hair and discuss the look you want to achieve. I see you have a lovely chestnut brown base color. Would you like to keep it or go for a slightly lighter shade?



I love my current base color, Martin, so let's enhance it with some subtle lighter tones. I trust your expertise.



Great choice, MARIA. We'll use a mix of warm caramel and honey tones to achieve that natural sun-kissed effect. It will complement your skin tone beautifully.

Martin prepares the hair color, meticulously measuring and mixing the shades.



Balayage is a freehand technique, which allows me to have complete control over where I apply the color. It ensures a personalized and unique result for each client.

Martin approaches Lucy, wielding his hair painting brush.



Here we go, MARIA. I'm going to start painting the highlights onto your hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. The strokes will be soft and delicate, mimicking the natural movement of the sun's rays.

Martin carefully starts applying the hair color, blending it seamlessly into MARIA's hair.



Wow, Martin! It's incredible how you're able to create such precise strokes. I can already see the difference it's making.



Thank you, MARIA. Balayage is all about precision and technique. It's essential to work in sections, ensuring that the color is evenly distributed while maintaining a natural look.

Time passes as Martin continues to paint MARIA's hair with skill and expertise.



Alright, MARIA, I've finished applying the highlights. Now, I'll let the color process for a specific amount of time to achieve the desired shade.    I will tone the hair as well  maria.

Martin wraps MARIA's hair gently in a protective covering and sets the timer.



I can't wait to see the final result, Martin. I know it's going to be amazing!



You're going to love it, MARIA. While the color processes, let's chat about how to maintain and care for your balayage. It's important to use color-safe products and schedule regular touch-ups to keep the look fresh.

They engage in a conversation about aftercare tips and product recommendations, emphasizing the importance of using quality haircare products.


Maria sits in front of a mirror as Martin unravels the protective covering from her from a darker base tone to lighter mid shaft and much lighter ends. Sun kiss hair color is else know as balayage hair, color  melt or shadow root  balayage are just a few names that we use in 

the salon to identify certain looks in hair coloring balayage name. What is more important is the we truly understand what the client is looking for in the desired look of balayage 


You  don't  have to worry about not getting the blonde hair color tone you want , some hair takes  longer to process and  to achieve the color tone ,  My job as your colorist is to be sure that you're very happy with the results of your hair. 

Hair color products are all chemicals , as your hair colorist I have the understanding of the way color works and the chemicals involved in making the products we use. some manufacturers use ammonia , alkaline products to acheive what’s needed in making the product too work better. where other companies may use a derivative of  ammonia knows as (M.E.A) Monoethanolamine which is very harsh on the hair in time the MEA will degrade the hair.  As you colorist I  doo  not use any products containing MEA you see most hair stylist for colorist don’t know that all new chemicals are made from the original hair color chemicals MEA IS MADE FROM ammonia, Derivatives of PPD-Paminophenol.

The one chemical that dries out hair in hair in coloring is the wrong choice by stylist when they choose to high of a developer the higher the volume the more burn or mare damage, Hair color requires patience and understanding of chemicals. Over the years I have colored many clients and have fixed many mistakes made by others and take my position as your colorist very series . as we all know we have one head of hair and we must take care of it with love and patience and the best way is to e educated in what we do.

The  Nordic blonde balayage  hair color painting is a double process and takes longer  to achieve this color tone prices may  vary dipping on your hair in some case it will take longer than 6 hours.

I have long looked at hair color as a means of self expression. Precision high-lights to dramatic, dark hues and shadows to a lavender purple well blended color tones,

 Your hair color tells a story about who you are and it’s a self Expression.  

Balayage is a hair color application that speaks  to the women who rock the trend with pleasure and don’t have to be like every one else, The hair speaks for its self , it would say things like . Effortless flowing color “sophisticated hair , contouring color, intelligent and sleek, ”. Who doesn’t want to make that statement?

 This look is only gaining in popularity and now, more and more hairdressers are beginning to take classes and specialize in this unique style of coloring the hair. Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez is ahead of his time and founder of Hand crafted colourwand balayage tools that has made the lives of other colorist much easier with colourwand he teaching all these incredible coloring application to other colorist located in the heart of Orange County ca. The se application are else known as Strobing contouring color,Sombre,ombre,Bombre ,Turtleshell,


Icy balayage

The trend that’s quite literally sweeping the nation has been around for nearly forty years, tracing its roots back to a little salon in Paris in the 70′s. While it stayed safely nestled in Europe Not for long.

 American salon were using caps and  foil highlighting at the early days of the 80′s, the technique made its way to us in America . It was mostly used on celebrities who were lucky enough to visit European trained colorists and pay top dollar for the best in hair color.

smokie blondes

When Sarah Jessica Parker began rocking the sun-kissed, dimensional color pattern in the last days of Sex & The City, every fashionista in the nation was on board. We wanted to know exactly what that dewy, natural looking color, perfectly accentuating her big curls was. And when social media became a useful tool for sharing the details of what this beautiful new trend was and younger up and comers like Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port traded in their foils for the softer, European style, a phenomenon was born Officially. Today you don’t have to be celebrity to enjoy this beautiful coloring on your hair. it can be done on any type of hair from brunettes to gray hair hair colorist Martin rodriguez is a master educator at the art Balayage hair painting and contouring hair color for any that would like the hair to speak for itself.

Highlights and balayage combo

BALAYAGE IS HERE TO STAY.  sun  kiss hair 

Today, we love this technique because of the statement it makes. I think American women have latched on for a multitude of reasons (8-12 weeks between retouches anyone?), but most importantly, I think we like the story it tells about us. It’s been a tool to give American women that Far tale look, yet chic French vibe. It’s a way of saying you don’t take yourself too seriously, but you somehow always seem to look effortlessly and polished and pulled together. It has absolutely revolutionized the way we think about highlighting and contouring hair color into  the hair. The hair makes its own  statement it makes with effortless movement and waves of color tones . It can drastically enhance and accent your haircut and style like no other COLOR technique  Balayage can give the illusion of length if you’re in the process of growing out your hair, it can add width to your style to balance out a long face shape or it can even just add points to give drama to an asymmetrical cut. It is structure MASTERFUL  technique and knowledge the old masters. But it is also the freedom to create illusions in hair with style and clients can enjoy a youthful color as if you were born with it. 

Balayage hair color by MartinRodriguez

.Americans women from all walks of life have just fallen in love with this amazing color application and can ask for subtle changes anytime.


Strobe balayage contouring hair Painting on dark hair.

Balayage hair painting on extra long hair with long layers for body and to give her more options on styling this beautiful long hair. 2017

No foil was used on Molly hair her hair is very heavy, she told us her husband wanted more blond like the first time they met.

Martin Introduced her hair into a beautiful BALAYAGE HAIR PAINTING a perfect technique for her thick heavy hair using multiple tones for a natural blond hair color.

Photo on left is before Balayage the right photo is after we colored Mollys hair with balayage  followed by a hair treatment ,shaped her hair and added long hidden layers for volume and movement.

Natural looking hair color with out any harsh lines 



1. Balayage literally translates to "sweeping." When done correctly, the colorist takes a small section of hair and sweeps the color using a gradient technique going from dark to lightter onto the top. Then, he or she uses a ColourWand paddle to apply more color toward the bottom of the hair creating melting blended color. This method of lightening towards the ends gives the colorist more control and creates the effortless gradient sun-kissed highlights everyone wants this time of year.


2. It’s not just for blondes. Martin uses balayage techniques applications on , Brunette - redheaded clients for multi-dimensional coloring.

 “Hair color that is all one shade can look Un-natural and without contrast and vibrant tones like a wig,” Martin says. 
3. It works on gray hair. Balayage is a smart solution for gray hair because it allows the colorist to specifically target gray strands without touching the scalp we can use multiple colors. 


4. If You have long hair we should cut, then color. In most salons, women get their hair colored, cut, and blow-dried by a stylist. 


Booking your trim before coloring your colorist can work specifically to compliment the cut, which minimizes the risk of chopping off the 

pretty, lighter ends (and ruining the effect).


5. Please don’t wash your hair before . If you're adding highlights with balayage, you should come with oily hair to protect the scalp. But if you’re getting a single process, it’s better to come as you are, Martin says.

The Ombre hair color is one of the most popular  hair color techniques that has People all over the world . Ombre better know as Balayage Hair painting in the USA, Is a great way to get soft hair coloring without the commitment of being back to the salon every four weeks, The Choices of hair color ideas are endless.  Say's hair stylist colorist Martin Rodriguez from Ooh la la salon spa in Fountain Valley ca, Always have your stylist or colorist give you the best hair color tones that will compliment your skin tone, Today's Ombre Balayage hair color is more blended, Rather than just dipping the ends blonde. For a much more natural color it,s a great idea to use more than one color tone on any shade of hair.

Ombre hair color has being around for many years, Todays ombre is more blended colors than ever before using various coloring tones for a more natural look.

Do not confuse Ombre Balayage with   traditional highlighting. The traditional highlighting technique uses aluminum foil to ad hair color or to lighten hair, often leaving harsh lines and extreme color contrast if not done properly. You’re hair color should Inviting and healthy with lots of tones.

Hair color balayage its Not a trend, It's a revolution in hair coloring

THE BALAYAGE: A french sweaping motion and hand painting techniques can be done in a  subtle way without the harsh extreme color popping out , using more than one color gives your hair a  beautiful effect of light and dark shadows, This effect stands out more on layered hair due to the style of freedom and movement.  Balayage or California Sun-kiss is a perfect color for All year around. Its the perfect color  for any one that does not want to commit to having color done every four weeks. This coloring technique can be done in my colors, Not just Blonde.

Who is your ideal foil client?

The ideal foil client is a woman who loves being blond, Dislikes when the roots  one in, but does not want to be a single process blond. I can put more than 300 foils in her hair taking Micro thin sections and give her a flawless blond with just a shadow of root. When the hair starts growing the dark shadow actually helps blend the color for a  natural look. Regrowth is much more obvious on a single-process color. 

 Blond hair lovers are  have a hard time seeing themselves in other colors “natural blonds come in various tones” so a little regrowth change  after getting their hair colored is fine. They prefer to having a single-process of bleaching the whole hair blond. 

Who is your ideal Balayage client?

This client could be a brunette with a few natural Sun kiss highlights or a blond that wants full coverage but wants a more  tonal shading or a look of regrowth feel which then allows her hair color to grow in  more natural.  Foils on this woman could result in too much of a streaky look or to much coverage.  Baliage hair color Painting by expert Martin Rodriguez with over three decades of experience On balayage and hair color correction and hair cutting to compliment your facial structure!

How is Balayage done

Martin use the free form method of balayage hair painting with colourwand tools to get a well blended and better control of color application.

Fluid hair painting long hair by Martin Rodriguez Founder of ColourWand balayage hair painting tools, Hair painting does not have to be uncomfortable when you have long hair, martin specifically developed colourwand balayage tools for this process and new techniques of coloring hair, From balayage fluid hair painting to Mermaid hair color we no longer need foil say’s Martin thats why colourwand balayage tools are the only tool made exclusively for Balayage fluid hair coloring and many other color application used today 2016

Fluid hair Painting long hair , Balayage hair painting ,Bombre-Sombre- by Martin 

Highlights consist of selecting small or thick strands of hair that are then lightened at least 2 shades lighter than the rest of your hair.

 Highlights should compliment your skin tones and match your personality. 

 If you desire a natural look you should never go more than 3 shades lighter then the rest of your HAIR COLOR. Natural looking highlights give you a sun-kissed look and to bring depth and light to your overall color.  

For racier highlights a rainbow of colors can be chosen.  However, these should still match the skin tones of the individual.  


Pick the right color. Your hair color should suit your complexion. Any hair color will look good on pale skin. If you have pink skin, avoid shades of red or golden blonde. 

Opt instead for ash tones to neutralize your coloring. Sallow complexion? Stick with deep reds & avoid yellow, gold or orange tones. If your skin is olive, stick with dark  or red colors & add richness with Low-lights in red or brown shades.


To color or to highlight , that's the question. If you have short hair, avoid highlights & opt for full color. Subtle highlights around your face will brighten your complexion if you have longer hair. 

Keep in mind that due to root growth, all-over coloring will need to be touched up every 4 to 6 weeks, while highlights can last up to 2 or 3 months.


Different types of highlights. There are basically 4 types of highlights: basic foil highlights, Biollage or  Balayage hair painting’, chunking or ‘piecing' & low lighting and paneling.

Martin Rodriguez


Balayage process at Room Temperature:

Natural Balayage is when the whole process done at room temperature open air without the use of foils or saran wrap. The hair will process naturally and lift evenly. This process works well for Natural Balayage hair painting sun kissed hair. In some cases you may tone the hair if needed. Want more contrast and dramatic Colour lift, foils can be used to separate the hair and conduct more heat for high dimensional results.

Keeping this in-mind you can use any pattern for color from highlighting to low lights, Ombre or Balayage-Hair painting using patterns the color should compliment the skin tone and the way the hair cut flows.

Natural looking hair color painting using more than two shades of color for that sun kissed look the new Bombre sombre balayage hair coloring 2016

What is Balayage?

Balayage is the French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair colouring, With the same idea and similar to what nature gives us. Painted soft looking strands of hair with subtle with less noticeable harsh lines. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks. 

How is it applied? 


Balayage hair color is applied on the surface of the hair with angled feathing strokes and not saturated through the sections. At the tips of hair we add more coloring for a better blend, we avoid the streaking of  colour due to the fact that isn’t vey soft at all. It can also be called a freehand Hair Painting technique because no foil or any meche are used to create the Balayage hair painting highlights.


What sets it apart from traditional hair colouring?


Founder of Colour Wand Martin rodriguez balayage expert recommends using colour to suit your clients skin tone so it’ll look amazing and really light up the clients features.

 n to the hair to create a unique gradient depth and dimension.



real balayage hair painting no foil

Balayage and low lighting

Balayage and hair painting

Balayage blonde hair coloring

Balayage hair painting by hair stylist Martin Rodriguez

Sun kiss hair painting

Color Melt hair painting by Hair stylist Martin Rodriguez

Blonde balayage hair

Cancelations 24 hours in advance or you will be charged a No show fee.


Estimates on hair color, Not given over the phone

please stop by and Visit Martin for  estimate or check the menu 

california balayage.

California balayage blonde hair coloring by Martin Rodriguez Founder of ColourWand tools

Orange County California Balayage hair color On long hair , we started with a Dark Level  brown color

On this client after a few visits she got the blonde color she wanted and saved the integrity of the hair Being patient and taking great care of the hair . Great hair takes time, Martin Rodriguez

copy wrights Hair colorist  Martin Rodriguez - colourwand balayage tools