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A deposit �of �$150.00 is required for all �hair color appointments �through Zelle at �hair colorist �martin rodriguez �714 366-6964 �no exceptions.

Welcome to MartinRodriguez Hair Colorist!

With years of experience and a passion for hair, Martin Rodriguez is a certified master colorist who understands the art and science of hair color formulation and chemistry. Martin's expertise goes beyond the basics, ensuring that each client's hair receives the best possible care and attention.

At MartinRodriguez Hair Colorist, we believe that your hair color should be as unique as you are. That's why Martin has created a one-of-a-kind balayage board, the ColourWand Board, for hair painting. This innovative tool allows Martin to unleash his creativity and create stunning, personalized balayage looks that are tailored to enhance your natural beauty.

Whether you're looking for a subtle change or a dramatic transformation, Martin will work closely with you to understand your vision and deliver results that exceed your expectations. With his extensive knowledge of color theory and advanced techniques, Martin can recommend the perfect shades and blends that will complement your skin tone and bring out your best features.

When you choose MartinRodriguez Hair Colorist, you can expect a personalized and luxurious salon experience. Martin takes the time to listen to your needs and desires, providing expert advice and guidance throughout the process. From the moment you step into our salon to the final reveal, Martin will ensure that you feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident in your new hair color.

So, whether you're craving a vibrant, head-turning hue or a subtle, sun-kissed glow, trust MartinRodriguez Hair Colorist to bring your hair color dreams to life. Book your appointment today and let Martin work his magic on your tresses. You deserve to look and feel your absolute best!

�Chromatic Artistry hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

Pink purple and black tones over six hours to achieve this color

All hair color corrections require a consultation appointment with deposit of $200 No exceptions.This�service�is an hourly charge hair color correction may take longer than 6 hours or more�depending on your hair�history.


Hair coloring can be fun when done right without to much damage 2023

Schedule on line or text for appointments 714366-6964

Yes, there is significant variation in the chemistry and chemicals used in hair color products. Hair color formulations can vary based on factors such as the desired color result, the type of hair being colored (e.g., natural, dyed, chemically treated), and the specific brand or product line.

Hair color products typically contain a combination of ingredients that work together to achieve the desired color change. These ingredients can be broadly categorized into three main groups: colorants, developers, and other additives.

  1. Colorants: Colorants are responsible for imparting color to the hair. They can be divided into two main types: oxidative colorants and direct colorants.

    • Oxidative Colorants: These colorants, commonly referred to as oxidative dyes, are the most commonly used in permanent and semi-permanent hair color formulations. They consist of small dye precursor molecules that are colorless until they react with an oxidizing agent, known as the developer, to create the desired color. The developer typically contains hydrogen peroxide, which helps to activate the color-forming process.
    • Direct Colorants: Direct colorants, also known as non-oxidative colorants or vegetable dyes, do not require an oxidizing agent for color development. They are used in temporary or semi-permanent hair color products and are designed to coat the outside of the hair shaft, rather than penetrate the cuticle like oxidative colorants.
  2. Developers: Developers, also known as oxidizing agents or oxidizers, are an essential component of oxidative hair color formulations. They contain hydrogen peroxide, which helps to initiate the color-forming process by oxidizing the dye precursors. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the developer can vary, depending on the desired level of color lift and the specific hair color product.
  3. Other Additives: Hair color products may also contain additional ingredients to enhance performance, stability, and conditioning properties. These additives can include pH adjusters, surfactants, emulsifiers, thickeners, conditioners, and botanical extracts, among others. The specific additives used can vary between different hair color brands and product lines, as manufacturers may have their own proprietary formulations.

It's important to note that the specific chemicals and ingredients used in hair color products are regulated by various authorities, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States or the European Commission in the European Union. These regulatory bodies set standards and guidelines to ensure the safety and efficacy of hair color products available in the market.

mocha brunette haircolor 2022

Many brunettes may want to go super light or gray tones, unfortunately this type of coloring may not work for everyone specially if you have been dying your have with black for a long time the darker the hair the more lightening that it needs and dark can can only bye lighten safely to a point with some golden tones left in it. if we lighten to much the hair will be overly damage and will for sure cause breakage�.

silver gray tones hair color correction

Clients that have at least 85 percent gray hair this process would be easier.�

Clients levels dark blonde and above are much better to achieve the gray tones all depending on background color and reflection of gold orange.

blonde  balayage 2023

Balayage hair color 2023

Many changes can be made on your hair color Martin has the knowledge of hair color and the understanding of color chemistry. Saving the integrity of the hair is very important.�

To get the perfect red takes time and a few steps , VARIOUS TONES that complement each other . red hair has a level that it's best for it or where it lives.

Blonde hair color on dark brunette 2022

Serving �one client �at a time, no exceptions great color takes time.HAIR COLOR IS science Not all formulations work the same for everyone.

Dark hair Requires s patience and plenty of time to achieve the desire look at times it takes well over Six hours. Dark hair else requires frequent toning.

Hair color Correction on dark latin hair 2022

This is an hourly rate of $185 per hour, some clients choose to have it done in sessions as well.hair color�correction takes time and�patients

Brunette blonde with silver blonde tones.

Thank you for your support.

my hair color clients

I would love to help you reach your hair color goals ON YOUR HAIR we love creating new looks for clients.

Please �scheduled appointments by text or on line here on website�

Shadow melt Balayage

Martin has worked in Orange County, California for over a 38 years where his knowledge has gained recognition from numerous celebrities, models, photographers, magazines, and top haircare companies. His expertise in the art of Balayage hair painting has been highly sought out by many salons, beauty schools, and individual stylists.

Voted Best Hair Colorist in Orange County, �The �brighter ideas of �hair color.

Latino Hairdressers Award 2015

Best Stylist of the Year 2015

Excellence in Hairdressing 2015

Best Balayage Colorist of the Year 2015 �to present � �

long hair balayage

Don’t be afraid to call me even if you have been cheating with another stylist.

Unlike your husband or boyfriend, I’ll always take you back.

Balayage 2022

New hair coloring trends Balayage, hair-painting, highlighting, color melting ,baby lights and sun lights, sun kissed hair,

by hair stylist Martin Rodriguez

Your hair�says a lot about you. The style can express sophistication at work and then be set free to a playful mood for a night on the town. But your hair color is an expression much.

More important, that should enhance each�style no matter the mood. Unlike shoes, handbags, or clothes, your hair color cannot be changed from a morning at work to a party at night. Keeping the integrity of the hair is the key to great hair color, With the right amount of color pigment and tone.hair color that will complement your skin tone.

Blonde hair color tones for brunettes

Best balayage hair�painting ,hair color correction and blonde hair color specialist 2023 Orange County cal. Hair�colorist Martin Rodriguez ,Next time�You're�thinking of having�Your color done ,Think of me.�

Schedule on line it's easy and simple no waiting. The best hair coloring is not as is simple as you think, in hair coloring one must have the understanding of�formulation and hair color chemistry ,not all hair color tubes are formulated with �tone that is�required for your hair ,the ideal color�formula�must be formulated according to your hair and texture including skin and eye color.

Ginger  honey blonde ,the classic look

Ginger �honey blonde ,the classic look hair color�that’s�looks glossy not over processed it is very�important�as your �colorist to maintain your hair looking healthy and shiny .

Balayage hair Model :Brooke wainwright

Balayage hair painting with�Contrast ,Champagne kisses, This was a�transition�from traditional�highlighting into a more �blended hand painted balayage for a softer lived in color.

Balayage hair painting with Contrast ,Champagne kisses

Balayage contour lived in blonde tones , soft �looking and grows �out well no lines , No stripes.

Natural shadow root and cool ash tones

Soft �ash nordic blonde color tones perfect for the�Californian that loves her blonde hair, This tone is soft not�brassy, not�green looking ,hair color as if you where born with it.

hair color review stacy jones

Nordic color melt blonde hair painting a double�process application and�toner for better reflection of light.

blonde Nordic contour color

Contour Nordic blonde cool ash tones�

Hollywood waves and hair coloring cool tones

blond long hair coloring
Hair painting long hair with contour tones

Hair painting long hair with contour tones

Best balayage hair color painting ,hair color correction and blonde hair color specialist

Thank you for your interest in booking with hair �colorist �MartinRodriguez. He is based in Fountain Valley ca 92708 with appointments wednesday through Saturday and closed Sunday and Monday

Hair color first time appointments will last�3 or more hours depending on the coloring service. We would like to remind you that in one day Martin will be able to achieve your hair coloring goal, a process od understanding color theory and what colors will compliment the clients skin tone. This is a time consuming process, and we strive for nothing less than perfection. My �goal is to give you �a color That YOU LOVE AND FEEL GREAT about, �Feeling good is life changing in all of us.

Martin Rodriguez highly recommends booking your appointment on a day you have no timing restrictions to avoid stress for you and Martin.

Blonde hair color correction


Latino Hairdressers Award 2015

Best Stylist of the Year 2015

Excellence in Hairdressing 2015

Best Balayage Colorist of the Year 2015

Hair  colorist  Martin  Rodriguez

Please keep in mind that Martin is one person. He will be doing every step of the service himself. He IS highly trained and has gone through rigorous training over the years. Martin will be the one doing the�entire�color process including formulating all hair color used according to each client’s goal and skin tone.

The ideas of coffee cups in hair coloring will help you identify  your color tone the more  cream  in coffee the lighter the hair.

The ideas of�coffee�cups in hair coloring will help you�identify �your color tone the more �cream �in�coffee�the�lighter�the hair.

Cancelations 24 hours in advance

�or you will be charged a No show fee.

Blue turquoise hair color , fun colors for hair

�Prices may vary�

Estimates on hair color, Not given over the phone

please stop by the salon for estimate or make a�consultationAppointment�

Not all hair�colors are the same , corrections take time and the�understanding�of�hair�color�lines with chemistry in hair color

hair color ideas and how it works


Martin uses only the best �Professional�Hair color .

Thank you, for visiting my website on Hair color correction and applications, If you have been turned down by other colorist when you desire a certain look or hair color, one of the biggest reasons they may �not want to take the �challenge is due to the lack of hair color education and poor understanding on the chemicals. �Hair color contains �a certain amount of dye concentration per level, As a �colorist � I can assure you �that depending on your hair and the variables in hair coloring there is a way to achieve your goal. �Achieving a certain color all depends on texture of hair �, color formulation and the levels of decoloration of hair when formulating we must �undestand how to manipulate each �formula to �get the �best results of each �color application. Remember all hair coloring �is a reflection of light and what your eyes will see.

Blonde curly  hair

�Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez


White blond Nordic Hair coloring  this process can take well over four hours, depending on past history of your hair

White blond Nordic Hair coloring �this process can take well over four hours, depending on past history of your hair .

Hair color correction on dark hair

Nordic blondes tones

Nordic blonde hair coloring

Nordic Blonde hair color painting client with green eyes.

Considerations�for clients that want blonde hair color.

Considerations  for clients that want blonde hair color.

1. Natural hair color

2. Ethnic background

3. eye color , light eyes, med tone eyes or very dark eyes, blue ,green, hazel

4, texture of hair or diameter size of hair

5.density of hair

With Some clients  will  not be  able to achieve  the lightest levels of blond  due  to the underlyment pigmentation of hair.

previous CHEMICAL services

Blonde hair color on afro American hair

1. Natural hair color

2. Ethnic background

3. eye color , light eyes, med tone eyes or very dark eyes, blue ,green, hazel

4, texture of hair or diameter size of hair

5.density of hair

6. previous CHEMICAL services

Hair   color ideas

5o Shades of hair coloring , its �funny when I’m out and about �not working in the salon, when People find out Im a hair colorist �the first question they ask what color would look best on me? I �love talking hair, however I always recommend �a consultation first.

So many colors to choose from red hair coloring always makes a strong statement .

Brunette hair color can be spiced up with various tones.

Natural looking blended blondes �and so much more.

Blondes coloring

Welcome to my website of hair coloring by HairColorist

�Martin Rodriguez , all work on my site are real clients ,Real hair-color applications and color corrections, Have fun looking to see what you like and please schedule your appointments on line at your own convenience.�

HAIR COLORIST Martin Rodriguez

Martin Rodriguez has worked in the U.S.A. for over three decades and has trained under some of the best companies in the world.� He has trained and educated for Chromastics hair color and currently Artistic Director of the West Coast team of education ,Has trained in multiple hair color lines and the�understating�on the�function and color chemistry to serve�you�better in all hair color formulations for your hair. Aveda�hair�color, Redken�fussion and shades � Wella color, Paul Mitchell and �Artego hair color (an organic color system), Kin North America hair color and many more.

He developed and produced “Colourwand” a balayage tool and balayage brushes elevating this specific technique of high lighting the hair to a level of mastery.� He educates colorists on the specific technique of balayage and how to use the “Colourwand” and brushes properly. It is the only tool designed exclusively for balayage and ombre hair painting. All the tools are hand crafted and guaranteed to last.


Best wedding hair �3rd-Place� 2017

Performance�Engagement Program 2016

Latino Hairdresser’s Award 2015

Best Stylist of the Year 2015

Excellence in Hairdressing 2015

Best Balayage HAIR Painting Colorist of the Year 2015

Voted best wedding stylist 2013

Custom engineered by a master colorist with over 30 years experience. The only tool designed exclusively for Balayage and Ombre hair painting. All tools are hand crafted and made to last Guaranteed.

balayage hair coloring ,hair color correction 2021

This type of coloring takes many steps to�achieve�, please give yourself plenty of time when scheduling


EyeColor and hair

Does Eye color matter when coloring hair, In my experience as a hair colorist and facilitator of hair color education , Eye color is a huge part of education many books have been written on this subject.

Considerations �for clients that want blonde hair color.

1. Natural hair color

2. Ethnic background

3. eye color , light eyes, med tone eyes or very dark eyes, blue ,green, hazel

4, texture of hair or diameter size of hair

5.density of hair

With Some clients �will �not be �able to�achieve� the�lightest levels of blond �due �to the underlyment pigmentation of hair.

If your eye contain a small gold circle or specs of gold around the iris of the hair it will be much more difficult when going lighter.

Brown eyes�are mostly in Hispanics.latin American,Asians and iIndia , African American the population of dark eyes through out the world is larger than other colored eyes. In�coloring hair ,Brown hair�contain a much bigger amount of Pheomelanin which makes it harder to brake up in the process of lighting hair the chemical reaction cause a breakdown of�Molecules�which is spread into smaller pieces that cause a reflection of red orange color.

Eumalanin can be found more in lighter hair and with people with lighter eyes, in some cases people that contain hazel eyes and blue could have that gold circle around the iris that will make it very hard to lighten the hair.�

Hair Painting Using chromastics haircolor pure tone and direct dyes 2018

Hair Painting with blue,Violet and teal hair color 2018

Dark hair color painting with blue ash and plum violet and green ash dark tones 2021

Balayage can be done on any type of hair in some case it takes time to be as lightest you want, The integrity of the hair is top priority.

Brunette hair , adding a bit of lighter reds in a de fade-in look can complement a brunette using more than two tones can really make the hair pop.

Brunette balayage 2023

Brunette long hair balayage hand painting�

Orange County ca Hair colorist

MartinRodriguez at Ooh la la salon spa

Appointments available at

Schedule appointment

The best solution to getting the color you want is to have a consultation with hair colorist Martin Rodriguez�

All hair colors can be achieve with the right knowledge and great color takes time , Martin Rodriguez will make sure to give you a color that complements your life style and skin tone, Whether you want blonde , Or as simple as a natural tone , working with hair color is a science and it takes knowledge to understand the chemicals in hair color.

Understanding the level and distribution of natural pigments in hair while coloring and de-coloring process ,depending on your ethnic background the hair contributes certain pigment molecules such as Pheomelanin this pigment is red-yellow. Eumelanin is Brown - Black pigment

Hair color-pheomelanin and  Eumelanin

Hair color levels contain a certain amount of background ,Tone and reflect , One must understand all starting levels in hair plus the target goals for each client, We must else be realistic in the process of coloring some looks may not be possible depending of past history of hair and the Pheomelanin in hair specially when wanting blonde hair color , clients with green or blue eyes ,some have a circle of tiny gold orange around the iris of the eye that prevents us from going blond this is another way of telling how much Pheomelalin is in the hair.Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez has been coloring hair for well over Thirty-five years and understands how to achieve the best results in hair coloring .

Hair COLORIST Martin Rodriguez ,Takes all the steps�necessary to give you the�optimal in all�hair�color services , Treating the hair so the color holds better and the�understanding of hair coloring�chemicals is very important . From background tones to�the reflection in colors .Know your colorist before you schedule be sure that they have enough real hair color information and background in the law of hair color and chemistry. This will ensure that�you’ll get the best�for your hair. experience and color�placement using the flats and rounds of the head with the�propper hair color formulation takes years of mastering and training ,�Don’t settle for less visit best of the best Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez, Founder of�color wand balayage tool and education.�West-Coast�Regional Artistic director of Chromastics�hair color and education. Member of the Guru village educational Team with Dennis Gebhart.

Balayage for brunnets

Thinking of having�your� hair done �, Think of �me ,Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez with over three decades of hair color mastery and the�comprehension�of hair coloring , Balayage hair color �the�brighter IDEAS of�hair coloring. If �you�think its EXPENSIVE hiring an EXPERT, Try hiring �an AMATEUR. Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez�

Color-melt Balayage on long hair 2018

Sun set red hair color�painting , Hair coloring is an expression of the love we have for all living things, its colorful and can make you feel great about yourself.

When it comes to having�your�hair color done the most�important part of the�service is to ask the�right questions to the�colorist .Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez �follows certain steps to a great�consultation to�determine the best hair color results fro each client.

Contouring High-lights best hair colorist Martin Rodriguez.

Cool ash blondes does not apear overly to light

Blonde hair-color expert

Long hair base tones and color melts 2018

Having a bad hair day ? Are you�disappointed with the bad hair cuts and colors that you get when you visit salons, Look no further not many stylist have the understanding and experience that Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez �has when it comes to �HAIR COLOR AND HAIR CUTTING , Stop searching you�found your colorist.

Hair Colorist Martin Rodriguez �will give you the hair color you want,�Don’t end up like some of the clients that always call me�because�they had an�unexperienced colorist do their hair, �I get call from clients that wanted a BALAYAGE HAIR COLOR and ended up with stripy highlight cause they went to the wrong salon and to a stylist that had no IDEA what balayage is.


No more stripes �color looks out dated and not healthy , Balayage contouring colors can make your hair�look as if you were born with beautiful shades and tones.Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez knows and understands the�importance�for each desired look no matter your age, In beauty we all have an image of how we�would like to see our selfs.

At times certain highlights can make your hair outdated and make you look older than you are.

Don’t�end up as a hair color correction it is more�affordable to have your hair done right and get what you want than to pay me the fee of a hair color�correction Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez - 2018 , The�brighter rIDEAS of hair color.

The next time you’re thinking of having your hair color DONE , Please think of me. Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez the right hair color formulation to prevent�unwanted orange tones.Balayage color melting and�toning�hair with the perfect shades of color by Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez, Latina hair needs�

Shadow root Balayage 2018

Looking to have your hair-color done, With so may salons and stylist around I bet you ask your self , Who do I trust to color my hair?

Some colorist�are�still in the DARK ages when it comes to coloring hair

Balayage for brunette hair 2018

I want to say welcome to the�RENAISSANCE of hair color in three-D �by Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

I want to give you a list of things to consider when looking for a hair colorist whether if you�decide�to let me to it for you or�find another colorist , The key is to feel�comfortable and if you can connect with that person.�

1.Most important, Do they understand what hair color is?

2.Do they work on more than one client at a time?

3.How often, Do they keep up with education?

4. Are they always on time for �you , Or are the always late?

5.How much hair color chemistry do they have?

6.Do they know what hair color is?

7.Do they know how to repair hair,Not conditioner ?

AS a colorist with over�thirty-six�years of taking care of clients and�training other stylist , Ive learned that there is no better client than the one sitting in your chair. I take one client at a time to give you the�best service as possible. I offer a�variety of hair color services from Balayage hair color, to hair�painting, Not every stylist has master these techniques they say that in order to be a master colorist one would have to spend well over Ten�thousand hours to master that skill. Hair color takes time and knowledge to�understand that color is nighty-eight percent�chemicals, Hair colorist Martin�Rodriguez has worked with many color chemist to have the extra step to give you the best result in hair coloring, from hair color correction to�covering gray hair, Being a specialist in�blond hair color has its�challenges�specially when working on darker hair not all level of hair color are easy to go blond , this takes time and if the colorist tries to rush the service it can have some unwanted results. NOT ALL HAIR IS THE SAME, latinas wanting lighter hair we must first look at the texture of the hair and always take in�consideration the�heavy-ness of the protein in latina hair in order to have a�successful beautiful blend of lightness in this type of hair ,in most cases this type of hair always turns our�orange and very brassy, Formulation is the key to produce a great tone�without the orange undertone.

The next time you’re thinking of having your hair DONE , Please think of me. Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez
Blonde color

The Brighter ideas of hair-color, Strobe highlights and�dimension Balayage hair painting using multiple shades for the perfect look in hair coloring. All of my hair�colors are glazed to perfect that amazing color. I�don’t�believe �in leaving a clients hair in a state of raw pre-bleached , It is�crucial to�repair and tone every color job!

Glazing and toning hair with custom formulations for your own hair , No color is ever made perfect for your hair when its bought at the store �or sold to us. By using my years of�training and the�understanding of�proper hair color formulation you can get the color you want and love. Hairt colorist Martin Rodriguez


Hair color correction is it right for you?

Hair color correction on dry damage hair , This type of hair needs TLC before you can color it , Not treated properly will result in poor color hold.

I have long looked at hair color as a means of self expression. Precision high-lights to dramatic, dark hues and shadows to a lavender purple well blended color tones, Your hair color tells a story about who you are and it's a self Expression. �Balayage is a hair color application that speaks �to the women who rock the trend with pleasure and don’t have to be like every one else, The hair speaks for its self , it would say things like . Effortless flowing color “sophisticated hair , contouring color, intelligent and sleek, ”. Who doesn’t want to make that statement?

�This look is only gaining in popularity and now, more and more hairdressers are beginning to take classes and specialize in this unique style of coloring the hair. Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez is ahead of his time and founder of Hand crafted colourwand balayage tools that has made the lives of other colorist much easier with colourwand he teaching all these incredible coloring application to other colorist located in the heart of Orange County ca. The se application are else known as Strobing contouring color,Sombre,ombre,Bombre ,Turtleshell,

Hair�colorist Martin Rodriguez specializes in hair�Blonding , color-Correction Balayage hair painting ,Strobe hair color dimension, �and gray hair�coverage for men and women.Hair cuts and styling that complements your lifestyle.

Contouring balayage color on long hair

�Hair color when is the best time for changes on hair color, Hair color does not have to be drastic a great way is to have a�consultation with you’re colorist . Adding a little color may just be the subtle change your hair needs. For�blondes just a little �copper and gold hair color will add the right combination of tones to make that hair look brighter. Lighting play a huge part in hair color during the winter months color can look a little dull due to the lack of sun light. It is the best time to start with a new shade of hair color by adding brighter tones and giving the hair more spark. � In spring all plants are in bloom nature can give us some of the best coloring ideas as well , plants and flowers are in bloom with vibrant color tones and radiant shades that we can get ideas for hair. Hair coloring can be done as if you where born with it ! Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez takes many�things in�consideration when it comes to�your�hair coloring , looking at the iris colors around the eyes allows him to really understand all the�possibilities for�your�hair, Hair color is not a guessing game, one ,just follow the laws of hair coloring from hair color chemistry to the�understanding of all the�chemicals that are in coloring to prevent damage to the hair.

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez excellance award

Don't be afraid to call me even if you have been cheating with another Hairstylist.�

Unlike your husband or boyfriend, I’ll always take you back.I’ll be hair for you!�

Call or text please leave a message if I�don’t pick up I will get back to you ASAP.�

Martin TE.714 366-6964 call or text

Ooh La La Salon Spa�

18120 BrookHurst Street Unit 59. Fountain Valley ca 92708

The most�popular hair color services

Balayage�hair�color is here to stay

Platinum extra�blonde Nordic �blonde


colorful fun tones

Coffee Brown with Carmel

Sun kiss golden blonde

Rose gold Balayage

Rose gold for brunettes

Red hair painting with a splash of Pink

Professional Hair colorist


Excellence Award 2017

Latino Hairdressers Award 2015

Best Stylist of the Year 2015

Excellence in Hairdressing 2015

Best Balayage Colorist of the Year 2015

Best wedding hair stylist 2013

Ooh la la salon spa 92708

HAIR STYLIST MARTIN RODRIGUEZ won the 2017 City Beat News Award for Service Excellence!

Hair Stylist Martin Rodriguez selected for 2017 Fountain Valley Small Business Excellence Award

Specializing in�


Hair bleaching double process hair coloring,�Don’t get fooled by all these photos that you see on media sites ,�Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest many of these photos have been�altered with filters to show the right color. As a hair�colorist I can tell�you that great hair coloring takes time and one should�trulls understand what hair color is. I challenge you ask your favorite hair dresser and ask them if they know what hair color is and what is the key in lighting hair, what does�peroxide do in the process of hair coloring.

As I said�before great hair color takes time and if you want to be blonde it can be done in one day, this process is not an easy fix, we must add back all the proteins that are lost in this�chemical service to get the best results. I call this service hair color�correction due to the time process and the understanding of hair color , The science �the chemistry that it takes to�truly�give the client the right �hair color tones that will make the hair color look healthy and shinny.

Hair color correction, double blond process martinrodriguez.com

Hair color of the month this client got tired of having purple red hair and wanted to be back to blonde in one day , here are the results of this hair color correction.

A Woman’s hair is her crown and glory�

Blonde hair�color process�one must understand and have patience to get great results when going�lighter on hair, one of the most�important part of this�blending service is to treat the hair and replace what we have taken away during the hair color�chemical service, This way the hair will remain healthy and not have dry hair that�can�use breakage.

Is your hair getting Dry and with no shine after every color application?�

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez can help you with your hair color problems, Martin knows how to achieve great blonds without�the over processing the hair.

Balayage hair color the hottest trend in hair coloring today can be done on�straight, curly or wavy hair, �Including gray hair, Your�vision is my job to get the�desirable hair coloring you want.


Natural Balayage coloring by Martin

UMBRA: Hair coloring �a Shadow or shade a characteristic accompaniment by another to complete the perfect shadows where the direct light from illumination.Hair�painting by Martin Rodriguez �hair coloring as if you were born with it.

Hair color trends 2018 : Hair coloring will be going back to more natural colors and bringing the hair to life by Adding shine and warmer tones to add texture background hair color tones making some areas�appear as if the hair grew out naturally that way infusing a color flow of various�complementary shades that will make your hair look�radiant and maintaining a �healthy looking head of hair.


HairColoring - HairCuts - Style Goals For Long hair,short hair and�medium�length hair.

Your hair says a lot about you, not every client wants a trendy look for their hair. The best hair cut and style is one that can be duplicated by�the clients at home and last till the next salon visit.

Balayage�Hair Coloring Ideas and hair�painting �Color that

�Compliments your skin tone and lifestyle.

by hair colorist Martin Rodriguez @ Ooh�Lala�salon spa

My passion for hair will be�transforming your hair into an artful and playful hair color and style that you can duplicate at home or on vacation so you will�look and feel your best.

�Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez.

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez �at Ooh la la salon spa.�

18120 Brookhurst�St.�unit 59��Fountain Valley ca 92708



Schedule a�consultation with Martin or stop by the salon and�discuss your hair problems.


The most popular hair coloring services in the salon today are: � Balayage hair color�, Balayage Hair-Painting Using a variety of Hair coloring shades, well blended without the streaky Hair high-lites. Adding Shadows with balayage Hair color painting �is a great idea for changing your hair. Try �balayage�Hair color application can be done in various color. Hair color�in multiple shades can make your hair stand out from the rest it's a great idea to add change to your hair color the balayage�way ideas for hair color and styles that compliment your skin and facial�features. Great for gray hair�specially for a�natural look no harsh lines, balayage for brunettes red heads and blondes.

�Balayage hair coloring Painting Using a variety of coloring shades, well blended without the streaky high-lites.

Adding Shadows of balayage hair coloring �shades can make your hair stand out from the rest!�

1.�Balayage Hair coloring literally translates to�“�weeping.”�When done correctly, the colorist takes a small section of hair and sweeps the coloring using a gradient technique going from dark to�lighter�onto the top. Then, he or she uses a�Color�Wand paddle to apply more color toward the bottom of the hair�creating melting blended Balayage coloring. This method of lightening towards the ends gives the colorist more control and creates the effortless gradient sun-kissed highlights everyone wants this time of year.

2. It’s not just for blondes. Martin�uses balayage coloring techniques applications on , Brunette - redheaded clients for multi-dimensional Balayage coloring.

�“Hair color that is all one shade can look Un-natural and without contrast and�vibrant tones like a wig,” Martin says.�
3. It works on gray hair.�Balayage�hair coloring �is a smart solution for gray hair because it allows the colorist to specifically target gray strands without touching the scalp we can use multiple colors.�

4. If You have long hair we should cut, then color.�In most salons, women get their hair colored, cut, and blow-dried by a stylist.�

Booking your trim before balayage coloring your colorist can work specifically to compliment the cut, which minimizes the risk of chopping off the pretty, lighter ends (and ruining the effect).
5. Please�don’t�wash your hair before .�If you’re adding highlights with balayage hair coloring, you should come with oily hair to protect the scalp. But if you’re getting a single process,�its�better to come as you are, Martin says.

The Ombre hair coloring is one of the most popular �hair coloring techniques that has People all over the world . Ombre better know as Balayage Hair coloring painting in the USA, Is a great way to get soft balayage hair coloring without the�commitment�of being back to the salon every four weeks, The Choices of hair color ideas are endless. �Says hair stylist colorist Martin Rodriguez from Ooh�La�la salon spa in Fountain Valley ca, Always have your stylist �or colorist give you the tones that will compliment your skin tone, Today's Ombre Balayage hair coloring color is more blended, Rather than just dipping the ends blonde. For a much more naturalit,s a great idea to use more than one color tone on any shade of hair.

Ombre hair coloringBalayage Hair coloring has being around for many years, Todays ombre is more blended colors than ever before using various coloring tones for a more natural look.

Do not confuse Ombre and Balayage hair coloring highlighting �with �the traditional OLD WAYS. The traditional technique uses aluminum foil to add or to lighten hair, often leaving harsh lines and extreme color contrast if not done properly.�Your�hair coloring should be Inviting and healthy with lots of tones.

Hair color correction salon�service :

hair color correction hair colorist Martin

Unhappy with your hair coloring

Hair Color corrections by hair stylist Martin rodriguez

At times hair color�correction successful hair color�correction�cannot�be done in one session, We have many steps to follow for a� .�

A goal is great since this is hair color�correction realistic�approach is important.

1.Fist step is �history of the hair

2.Treating the hair

3.Adding back what the hair is missing proteins

Martin has attended Masters of the Disaster hair color correction Education by The Guru and chemist Dennis Gebhart to have a better�understating of hair color chemistry and many other hair color classes .

For color correction please book a�consultation�with Martin First.

Brunette Balayage hair �Painting with a Chocolate shadows and a GoldenRose intergraded. Todays hair cuts have more movement and texture by adding layers and�hair coloring may give your hair volume texture as well.�Recommended colors�medium�gold�blond,golden�Mahogany�blonde,med�perl blond

The hair color and style can express sophistication at work and then be set free to a playful mood for a night on the town. But your hair cut and color is an expression much,More important, that should enhance each style no matter the mood.�Unlike shoes, handbags, or clothes, your haircut & color cannot be changed from a morning at work to a party at night. Keeping the�integrity�of the hair is the key to great hair color, With the right amount of various color tones and shades making you hair color�radiant and shiny.

Hair Cuts Styles That will compliment your skin tone and bone structure.

How many people do you know that actually love their hair? What are the qualities that create a great head of hair? It is supposed that some people are just lucky. These “lucky” people seem to have hairstylist that looks great when they roll out of bed in the morning. Perhaps, there are a few people for which this supposition is true. However, for most it is not. For example, Jennifer Anniston has been known for her locks since the sought after haircut she premiered on “Friends.” After that, women across the country ran to�they're�asking for that�haircut-hair�color. Little did they realize that that haircut was wisely chosen to accentuate her features and may not be suitable for everyone. In addition, her complimented her skin tones and cut. This magical combination of cut and�colors-cut�and color was formulated by a stylist specifically for Jennifer Anniston. If the average person wishes to attain the same wow-factor as the movie stars, she needs to have an experienced stylist choose�an�appropriate for her features and skin tones.�

Martin Rodriguez has been styling and educating the�LA�and�OC�area for 36 years. He has been trained in multiple Haircolor �systems and is currently Founder and �educator for ColourWand Balayage tools & Education.�

Martin Rodriguez @ Ooh La La Salon spa.�

18120 Brookhurst St.Unit 59 Fountain Valley ca. 92708

TE.714.366.6964 SCHEDULE BY TEXT �Booking on-Line�www.martin.mysalononline.com

DARK HAIR COLOR:�Brunette hair�Chocolate warm tones with�rose gold balayage hair�color-hair�cut and style is a great begging adding a few sun kiss lights around the face will help your �standout.

Not everyone is happy with their hair color Enhancing�hair�color-that�they have. Here are a few tips to enhance that color suddenly. �Can�be done in a multitude of ways from using Semi hair color to add gloss and shine.

Hair is to light for you; Adding�low-lites�with Demi hair�color-hair�coloring is a great idea due to this it is less harsh on your hair.

Balayage Blonde hair coloring

Dark hair Blondes

Natural dark blondes tend to look drab and unpleasant, this hair color needs brightness and gold tones to bring out life and bolder colors will look amazing on this level of hair.�

A great way is to add a few lighter shadows around the face line and at the crown of the head, this will give you some brightness and enhance your natural�dark hair color.

Recommended hair colors, Golds, Light blondes with a blue base, apricots for background, Carmel.

Light golden�blond,golden�perl�blond,light�mahogany blond.

Red hair coloring shades and tones�Hair Color�that compliments, Red gold, Auburn, Blue base tones be sure to lighten hair a fraction one to two levels only.

Have you ever seen the perfect red hair coloring that you just have to have, first thing is to select the right hair coloring shades and �tones for your skin. The best way is to have it done with a few various shades adding contrast and shadows to keep the red hair color looking natural. The Levels of coloring starting at a natural with a gradient pattern going from darkest to lighter or�interlarding the hair coloring shades.�Recommended Hair color tones depending on skin and eye color.Red�copper,red,red�violet,magenta,red copper,dark extra red,red brown,red gold,red�mahogany .

A natural level seven will be more on the copper tones strawberry, copper blond,Golden blond,light copper blonde shades. By adding a darker back grounds and a few various tones and shades will make the copper hair stand out from the rest.�

Who is the Ideal�for foil�high lights

Hair color that compliments your life style.

The ideal foil client is a woman who loves being blond, Dislikes when the roots �one in, but does not want to be a single process blond.�I can put more than 300 foils in her hair taking Micro thin sections and give her a flawless blond with just a shadow of root.�When the hair starts growing the dark shadow actually helps blend the color for a �natural look. Regrowth is much more obvious on a single-process color.�

�Blond hair lovers are �have a hard time seeing themselves in other colors “natural blonds come in various tones” so a little regrowth change �after getting their hair colored is fine. They prefer to having a single-process of bleaching the whole hair blond.�

Who is your ideal Balayage Hair color client:

This client could be a brunette with a few natural Sun kiss highlights or a blond that wants full coverage but wants a more �tonal shading or a look of regrowth feel which then allows her hair color to grow in �more natural. �Foils on this woman could result in too much of a streaky look or to much coverage. �Balayage hair color Painting by expert Martin Rodriguez with over three decades of experience On balayage and hair color correction and hair cutting to compliment your facial structure!

How is Balayage hair color done:

Martin the balayage expert, using �a free form method of balayage hair�painting�with ColourWand tools to get a well blended and better control of color application non�streaking� the most amazing coloring are the ones with �a variation of tones with background and a nicely done reflection of shades.

I’m a hair colorist and I love to share�what hair�color is.

Permanent Hair color Or hair dye color treaded hair.

The understanding of each of these colors from permanent to semi and Demi coloring which one is best to use when needed. Depending on the condition of the hair and the goals of hair coloring all hair should be treated with care form treatment and most�important keeping the integrity of the hair. In a hair color correction its best to test the hair to make sure that the hair is healthy enough to hold on to hair color.

The�knowledge of hair color�chemistry to give your hair the best.

hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

Organic hair Color no AMMONIA WITH M.E.A:�Mono-ethanol�amine,�Ethanol amines ,Alcohol,Amino Methyl propanol�

The word organic is so�wrongly�used ,Specially in hair color why?�In�order for hair color to work it needs a�chemical reaction.

Organic hair colors no longer contain ammonia , What they do contain is M.E.A a product that needs to be understood by colorist.Depending on the products we use , we create the ph level in�the hair, hair dressers have being told that the hair has a ph level of 4.5 to 5.5 Wrong here is why if we use a color that contains ph levels of 8.5 and above we are changing the ph levels.

Martin rodriguez was one of the first�Organic hair color educators AND USER OF �Organic colors I think as a hair colorist we must provide Great�products and have the right�knowledge when it come to what we are using.

Permanent hair-color

��Great for deposit or adding tones will last longer covers gray hair will add body and texture.

Semi hair color� acid base :�A great product for hair-gloss�, does not lighten hair, good for hair that is dull and needs shine on�contrast. Will not cover gray hair.

Demi hair color with no alkalinity: �A great product to take hair back to natural or adding low lights shadows and�definition, blending gray hair, refreshing color and great for corrective hair color without the ammonia, contains E.m.a .

Hair�Lighteners (bleaches) vs High lift hair color�

Bleaches and hi-lift color are the same product, Bleach was made to work in�an�evenly time period of�

Forty-Five�minutes do to a lower ph level of 10.3.

High lift tints or color are made to work in a higher scale and with a bigger punch from the get go due to a higher PH level of 11.2.

Most hair stylist �don’t��know the�difference�between these two , High lift hair color and bleach are the same!

In Oder for hair color to work the�chemical�products in hair color and the PH levels have to be higher in order for the color to work�properly .

We as hair dresser must know this and need to�understand how to bring the levels of ph back to a 4.5 or 5.5 specially if we are working with high level of ph hair color or EMA products.

Olaplaex: I get some many calls and clients ask if�I�use�olaplaex�in my hair color services, here is my answer I�don’t work with more than one client at a time. I believe that if�I�know how to treat the�hair when we are using�chemicals and keeping the hair at a great ph level�there is no reason for me to add plastics or coatings to the hair. I do use keratin and Ceramides in my hair colors and lighteners due to the hair is made of amino acids and proteins by believe is to replace what we took away when doing a hair color service.

�It is very important to treat the hair with�keratin amino acids and�proteins between each hair color application AND KEEP�maintaining at home for best results and up keep.

�In my�studies and working with my Dear friend and mentor �CHEMIST Dennis Gebhart has shared the law of hair color and the function of hair color chemistry with me. Knowing this I know i can provide you with the best hair color�service !

HairColorist Martin Rodriguez

Balayage hair color

Don't be afraid to call me even if you have been cheating with another Hairstylist.

Unlike your husband or boyfriend, I’ll always take you back.

Voted Best of the best colorist Orange County hair stylist Martin Rodriguez @ Ooh La La salon spa, Fountain Valley ca 92708

Hair color that shines with�dimension

california balayage with colure hair color

All hair color is formulated to compliment your skin tone using more than two shades for a natural look coloring should look healthy and�radiant. My job as your stylist is to let you know which colors will enhance you skin tone the best. The hair should have movement and should be able to be styled at least in three�different ways!

Voted best of the best hair color �All�work from start to finished is done by Martin NOT BY ASSISTANTS



All the images on my site are my clients these are real images , real clients! Non of these images have been�altered�to make the color look�better Real people real hair color.

Martin Rodriguez

For the�consideration of other clients please do NOT schedule and�appointment if you do not tend to show, we will bill you for Not showing up!

What is the on�color that you have always wished for ?

Sun kiss hair color a great start for those that just need a little kiss from the sun.

California Blonde balayage blonde hair color that looks as if you were born with it, Seem-less hair color.


HairPainting is a combination of using more than four hair color tones to make you stand out from the�rest�

The biggest collection of hair color images by hair colorist Martin rodriguez

Contouring blonde hair color painting , the biggest collection of hair color images all done by hair colorist Martin Rodriguez.

Blonde hair color

Cool blonde tones to complement your skin tone 2019

Sombre blended colors from reds and the blend of�copper with golds

Sombre�Hair Color a combination of various tones to give you that Natural look.

Balayage hair�Painting�Highlights

No more hi-lites, new balayage hair color


Visit ColourWand balayage tools on FaceBook

Martin Rodriguez @ Ooh La La Salon spa.

18120 Brookhurst St.Unit 59 Fountain Valley ca. 92708

TE.714.366.6964 SCHEDULE BY TEXT Booking on-Line�www.martin.mysalononline.com

Service Disclaimer…

Martin starts with a consultation and take every step necessary to ensure your safety and the best possible results on services provided.� While we are confident in our knowledge and experience, sometimes the unexpected can happen in miss communication or expectation of photos brought in to show what the client might expect due to lighting in photos or hair texture and previous colors that the client may have had in past.

When bringing in photos please do not expect us to match the photos , Not all have the same hair and base color or texture.

Please be realistic when asking for a service.

��It is impossible for us to ask questions regarding every possible circumstance that could result in an unwanted outcome.�

We will NOT be responsible if you do not like what we do to your hair!

You must pay for services rendered��

No refunds of any sort.




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Contour coloring , Baby sun lights, Ombre - hair color�Correction ,� Balayage Natural hand painted hair color by Hair stylist Martin Rodriguez




Some color correction can take over six hours depending on your hair history.�

copy wrights Hair colorist �Martin Rodriguez - colourwand balayage tools