Hair Color & Hair cutting new client savings

First time clients, Intros Hair color services and hair cuts with styling 

Color hair cut and style and hair treatment : Regular price $225 New client  savings' $195.00 

This service does not include color correction or balayage and hair painting .

Women’s hair cut treatment and style            : Regular price $115 New client Savings    $95.00

Mens hair cuts                                                            :Regular price  $55    New client savings $40.00

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Mens Hair color,includes cut and treatment     : Regular price $225         New clients savings    $195.00

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The Brighter ideas of hair-color

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez specializes in hair Blonding , color-Correction Balayage hair painting  and gray hair coverage for men and women.Hair cuts and styling that complements your lifestyle.

 Hair color when is the best time for changes on hair color, Hair color does not have to be drastic a great way is to have a consultation with you’re colorist . Adding a little color may just be the subtle change your hair needs. For blondes just a little  copper and gold hair color will add the right combination of tones to make that hair look brighter. Lighting play a huge part in hair color during the winter months color can look a little dull due to the lack of sun light. It is the best time to start with a new shade of hair color by adding brighter tones and giving the hair more spark.   In spring all plants are in bloom nature can give us some of the best coloring ideas as well , plants and flowers are in bloom with vibrant color tones and radiant shades that we can get ideas for hair. Hair coloring can be done as if you where born with it ! Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez takes many things in consideration when it comes to you’re hair coloring , looking at the iris colors around the eyes allows him to really understand all the possibilities for you’re hair, Hair color is not a guessing game, one ,just follow the laws of hair coloring from hair color chemistry to the understanding of all the chemicals that are in coloring to prevent damage to the hair.

Martin has been a colorist for over three decades 99.9 color clients , Most clients today are kept up with coloring trends and they always want to know what Martin thinks about the top trends. Martin says that one of the biggest questions he gets is  that clients want to know the difference in all the color application names. This is Martin’s answer , Lets take a brunette client for example the first thing we must understand about hair color is that all clients contribute some history about past coloring services. If a brunette client wants to be very blonde we must understand what is the history of the hair, how long will it take to make her blonde and in what condition will the hair be when taking a client from dark brunette hair and she wants to be blonde you’re taking a chance on the degrading of the hair. So after every chemical service we must replace the lost proteins back this will ensure that the hair will be at optimal conditions to hold color and stay as healthy as possible. The biggest thing about hair color is that we must know what hair color is, this is what I tell my clients in all honesty hair color is 98% chemicals even if companies claim that their color is Organic. The lighter the color the more ALKALINE in that color this chemical is what lightens the hair and it is what degrades the hair as well when mixed with higher volume developers.

Here is an example of a client that I took from very dark hair color to blonde this service took about 6 hours was done in one day.

Her are some of the most popular names fro hair coloring today

Blorange :

 This color has more orange tones. Perfect for brunettes that like golden tones 

TigerEye balayage:

TigerEye balayage: 2017

Golden tones with warm background color

Bronde color :

Blonde balayage with some brown back ground color

Sombre: a well blended blonde tones using more than four colors

Sombre: a well blended blonde tones using more than four colors

Turttleshell balaYage:

Balayage: A combination of blonde with a natural color left in it




Schedule you hair color correction or Balayage before the end of the month and RECEIVE a $45 Dollar Treatment on your Hair color service 

Please mention discount when scheduling appointments.

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