All shampoos contain cleansers," explains Martin Rodriguez Founder of KALEA ROSE HAIR CARE Rodriguez founder and educator for KALEA ROSE. But those with naturally derived cleansers are less apt to rob your locks of vital oils. (Kalea Rose hair care La Rose shampoo uses natural cleansers in their shampoo.)

KALEA ROSE Platinum KERATIN shampoo

Helps prevent breakage and Dryness to your hair.

Platinum Sulfate free Keratin smoothing shampoo removes build up on hair & scalp. Providing moisture and strength to your hair.

Protects hair by Adding back the elements and nutrients to your hair.

Helps reduce frizz and flyaways

Give your hair life, shine and that silky feeling again with Platinum shampoo from KALEA ROSE HAIR CARE.

Platinum shampoo is great for keratin smoothing treatments or chemically treated hair.

keratin hair care water trio

Use products properly.

For maximum benefits, before applying shampoo or conditioner, emulsify them in your hands. Then massage onto roots

(where hair is most porous), crown and finally, down sides of hair.

Kalea Rose Platinum Sodium Chloride-Free Shampoo

 Washing your hair, use a shampoo free of Sulfate free, sodium chloride free (salt). This ingredient can diminish artificial hair color and can diminish the effects of keratin since keratin coats the hair shaft.

Styling Products

alloy-blonde-dark hair

Hairsprays, gels, styling creams and thermal protectants.


 Should contain botanicals, proteins and other nutrients that promote healthy hair while holding styles in place. Use products that are effective in small amounts to prevent having to wash your hair frequently.

Don't overwash.

"Shampooing every day is drying to your hair and scalp," says Rodriguez  Martin stylist at Ooh la la salon salon in Fountain Valley ca. Instead, aim for two to three times a week - and on off days, rinse with water and condition only your ends.

With kalea rose Passion conditioner

Do deep-condition.

If you use heat tools and style regularly, you must deep-condition once a week," says Martin Rodriguez, founder of the KALEA ROSE hair-care company. If your hair is very damaged, try using a THE CURE concentrated hair mask in place of your daily conditioner (From midshaft down), suggests Kristen Stewart of Ooh la la salon Fountain Valley ca.

Try: KALEA ROSE the cure for Damage DRY HAIR Intensive Restructuring Treatment.


Kalea Rose professional products

 Help all Ladies eliminate frizz, even during high humidity, 

With a Variety of Natural Ingredients 

Kalea Rose line features a variety of formulas with essential pro-vitamins and amino acids, natural herbs, such as Rose flower and jojoba seed oils and green tea. Its delicious signature fragrance features tropical, fruits and floral scents. While each product has its own special benefits, collectively they provide beautiful conditioning and shine. “Kalea Rose professional products provide three main benefits: healthy, shiny, frizz-free hair without adding weight to the hair- exactly what every woman is looking for,”

The extensive Kalea Rose hairline features many high performance products, including: 

-- a sulfate free shampoo, sodium chloride Paba and paraben free Shampoo and Conditioner for any length Hair. Some Lady’s wear their hair long These products provide excellent detangling, especially when hair is wet, and prevent split ends. Sleek styling cream it’s the perfect product for making long hair sleek and shiny and getting rid of frizz. 

Aerosol Spray with anti-Humectants Everybody wants more hold and shine and healthier hair. Moonshine is used as a finishing touch for extra shine with U.V.  Sun block. Body  & lift this innovative product ads an extra boost of dazzling shine without alcohol. Revive Hair Repair Leave-in conditioner Spray. This intense formula, rich with Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5, repairs dry, damaged hair instantly. With only one treatment, hair is transformed from dry and damaged to smooth, manageable and healthy. 

Inspired by Hair and Beauty and fashion 

Martin Rodriguez believes that hair is not just about how you want to look, but what you want to express. “For all the Ladies, their hair is their crown and glory more than an expression of how she looks and feels. It’s a personal statement of who she is and whom she aspires to be, ” Martin Rodriguez.”

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