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Stylist Martin Rodriguez Master hair colorist at Ooh La La salon 

Always consult with your stylist first ask for something that’s will make you feel special.  If your hair is virgin hair (no chemicals in the past), you can get a fantastic result with just a semi or Demi-permanent color.  They add a lot of shine and luster that will gradually fade instead of growing out with a harsh line in your root area.  Since they don’t penetrate your hair the same way that a permanent color does, they are less damaging.  The benefit of a permanent hair color, however, is that it adds extra body to flat hair.  Your color specialist will be able to tell you what’s right for your hair and give you some great ideas.  They have to consider the quality and texture of your hair.  Face shape and skin tone when deciding on the right formula for you.  Looking for something a little sassy?  Have your stylist add a few lowlights.  This subtle enhancement can make a huge impact without being too bold.  If you’ve colored your hair before, you know what a big difference a fresh color makes.  Book your next appointment before leaving the salon or set the date of your next color on your calendar for no less than 6 weeks to keep your color looking its best.  Don’t forget your color protecting hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, etc).

Now you no longer have to suffer scalp stinging, itching, burning or staining during color application. 


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Organic based hair color system

1.Zero ammonia permanent hair-color

2.Certified organic derived ingredients 

3.Molecular Nano technology

Free of ammonia, No resorcinol, No PPDs,No paraben, No SLSs, No Proplene Glycol, No Gluten, No Formaldehyde,

No Phthalates, No Nickel or Aluminum

California Balayage blonde and sun kiss hair color

You don't have to subject your sensitive scalp to chemicals in order to have beautiful hair.  With Organic Color, you will get all the beauty and long-lasting color of traditional color without the negative side effect.

  Plus no fumes!  No Ammonia, No parabens, No Resorcinal,No ppd, 

Cancelations 24 hours in advance or you will be charged a No show fee.


Estimates on hair color, Not given over the phone

please stop by and Visit Martin for  estimate or check the menu 

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Organic hair color by Martin Rodriguez

For the last 30 years I have been a stylist and colorist in Orange County, California. In that time, I have seen many beauty products and color lines rise and fall in popularity, which gave me the opportunity to try many things. I would never want to bash any of the other products I have used. In fact, I was extremely satisfied with many of these products for years, being a loyal user and salesperson caused my client-base to grow with happy, satisfied clients. However, being always ready to try out the new technologies in hair color and products, I never stopped experimenting when new ideas came forth. But, nothing prepared me for the paradigm shift that occurred when I began using Organic Color. 

The Organic Color have allowed me to work in an environment with no fumes, which allows me to do color applications on those that may reject ordinary color lines, such as pregnant women, children and people with allergies to chemicals. But the "green" reasons are just the beginning. My clients are more satisfied with the lasting color, calling me to extend their appointments for two more weeks because the color still looks great. 

The satisfaction of my clients is my number one goal No matter what color line I use.

The Organic Colors have a greatly reduced fade factor.

This means the clients are able to enjoy the color tone for a greater length of time.

For the clients that enjoy changing their look more often, the opportunity to do this is increased.

  Since the cuticle is basically returned to its original position, you are able to change your hair color more often without damage.

 Many clients are surprised to find that their hair is actually  healthier and shinier after being colored with organic color.

If you are concerned about using chemicals during pregnancy or you just prefer to live an organic lifestyle,

Organic Color is for you.

Make your appointment today with Martin

Martin uses only the best  Hair organic and NO AMMONIA ,No ppd, No recorcinal, hair color products.

No Ammonia hair color perfect for clients that need to refresh hair color tones Artego My Color Reflex has an advanced gel formulation with pigments that 
enhances your natural color.  Without a drop of ammonia or peroxide.

One 60 Nine hair color with No Ammonia covers 100% gray hair  call martin with any questions regarding hair color with no ammonia ,No ppd, No recorcinal, the natural way of hair color today.

All create high gloss colors.  High gloss shine.

Artego  Color is a  complete color system.  Beginning with ammonia free color gels, gentle permanent cream hair colors and bleaches, moving on to the combined oxidants and energizers. No burning or staining  covers gray hair our bleaches have NO ammonia no oder.

Warm GOLDEN  tones shades

These colors are reminiscent of food and good memories.  Carmel, Cinnamon, chestnut, toffee, chocolate…  Be careful when describing the color to your Stylist or color specialist.  What you think the color is may be different than their interpretation.  Instead of trying to describe the color, find a couple of photos that have a good representation so they can match it up with color swatches.  Stick with really warm colors and be prepared to refresh the color more frequently than other colors.  

Reds tend to fade the fastest!  Ask your stylist or color specialist for their secret color-saving tricks.  On top of the specialty formulated products available, they may tell you to wear a Hat or scarf if spending a lot of time in the sun make sure to use hair products that have a sun screen.  If you want to keep the color really vibrant, go in every 3-4 weeks for a semi-permanent shine and glazing treatment.  It will add the shine back in that would have faded in that time.  You can mix and match reds and browns to get really amazing color combinations.  Your stylist or colorist can add a few foils in strategic places so it appears that you have a “glow.”  Different color hues techniques can be applied to get a fun color without having to be too extreme.

California balayage

Blonde Hair shades

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