Short or long hair what is the difrence when it comes to getting a hair cut that will suit your facial bone structure?

 Understanding the shappes of the face that would compliment a hair cut and style. From this bacis step we can detirmin what hair cut or style will be the most suitble for you lifestyle.

Everyone has a slightly different  face shape. The one thing you want to do is emphasize the best parts of your face shape.

1. We have a consultation before I do any of my work with clients.

2.First we discover what the client is lacking in hair.

3. What do they do as a profession?  

4. Not only do I look at the facial shape but height and body shape is very inportant and helps determent how short we can cut the hair. I like to compliment the hair cut with a perfect conbination of blended hair colors.

Short hair needs to be trim more ofter so don't forget to book ahead for your next visit. This will ensure that your hair will look its best and maitain your hair healthier.

Hair stylist Martin Rodriguez


 I think clients need to search for the right type of hair stylist that can provide them with their hair needs.

Round face shape. 

Hair cut of the day  By martin Rodriguez
Kim Romero

With this face shape you should try to add some height in the hairstyle or add some length WITH TEXTURE. A  hairstyle may have VOLUME WITH soft curls at the top of head. This will make the face seem less round.  Hair can go past the chin and around the neck to make it appear longer as the attention is drawn to the length of the hair. 


Rectangular or Oblong faces are long and slender. You may have a narrow chin or a high forehead. Your temples and your cheek bones are the same width. This face shape is longer than it is wide.

Round faces have a full face look. Round chin, round forehead and the widest point of your face are your cheeks. This face shape is equally long as it is wide.

Square faces have a square shaped jawline and a square hairline, roughly the same shape square.  This face shape is equally wide and long.

Heart-shaped faces are wide at the temples and hairline, thining out to a small chin. Think narrow jawline and wide cheekbones/forehead.

Triangular faces have a dominant jawline narrowing up to the cheek bones and temples. Opposite heart-shaped.

Diamond faces are widest at the cheek bones and equally narrow at the forehead and jawline.

 2012. Hair cut trends and Styling .

Trends include super long Hairstyles, the grown out famous bob, short Hair cuts and you can expect to continue to see some sort of braids and ponytail hairstyles. Retro Inspired hairstyles and soft up-do's, knot up-do. Piled up high and either worn sleek and polished. This will continue into Fall/Winter and are great Hairstyles for a night out on the town.


Straight long hair Straight, shiny, healthy looking hair is always a hot. 2011 you can expect straight hairstyles to continue to be a popular hairstyle this year; long hairstyles will have a more movement with extra body and volume.



Short sleek hair

 Long or short hair sleek, sexy, straight hair is always hot. To tame frizz down and create soft, shiny locks all you need is a great polish sleek cream for frizz, a great spray shine laminate to flat iron!


Any flat iron will do, for the best results make sure your flat iron comes with the following IONIC, CERAMIC, heat control button, features as these will help protect your hair from damage as well as leave it smooth and shiny looking.

 Stylist Martin Rodriguez @ Ooh la la salon spa.

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