Summer hair care tips


It looks like June Gloom is finally over and the beach is calling your name! I’m sure you remember to protect your skin by choosing the right sunscreen because you know what the sun will do to your face, aging, sunspots, wrinkles and dryness. But before you grab your towel and sunglasses, remember to think about your hair hi lites or color. Those beautiful locks deserve just as much care as your skin so take time to give them a little attention before, during and after going into the sun.




Swimming Pool or beach hair tips

1. If you’re going for a swim, wet your hair down and apply ample amounts of conditioner.

2. Always shampoo hair after swimming, making sure to use a shampoo that removes chlorine.

3. Follow with a balanced moisturizer and protein conditioner

4. Use a hat to protect from harmful U.V

5. Use a spray leave-in conditioner





Hair Stylist

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