Martin Rodriguez has been serving the Orange County community since 1984.He specializes in finding the perfect combination of cut and color to match your personal features and style. Whether it be for a special occasion or everyday, Martin's passion is making you look your best.

Balayage is a French freestyle painting technique that creates natural hand-painted highlights. With this method of coloring you can achieve a natural and Non-streaky Highlights. Martin Rodriguez is a certified expert at the Balayage Techniques. The French referred to as “sweeping motion painting” because we use a sweeping motion when we apply the color with our color brush and paddle.

 Do not confuse Balayage with   traditional highlighting. The traditional highlighting technique uses aluminum foil to ad hair color or to lighten, often leaving hard lines and extreme color contrast if not done properly. The Balayage technique can be done in a chunky or subtle way, but the effect is Looks better on layered hair. Balayage is a perfect color for summer months or for any clients that likes a variety of blonde tones. 

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Martin Rodriguez believes that hair is not just about how you want to look, but what you want to express. “For all the Ladies, their hair is their crown and glory more than an expression of how she looks and feels. It’s a personal statement of who she is and whom she aspires to be, ” Martin Rodriguez.”

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Martin has worked in the U.S.A, and his exclusive client list includes such celebrities as  Claudia Salinas,Spanish Model Verenice Noriega,The late Anna Nicole Smith,Actor Lou Diaz,singer and writer Paloma Rodriguez, Ruth Levier, Kamala Lopez Dawson, Natasha Rubin Marin and many more. He says that many Latinas share common complaints. “No matter where they live. U.SA. Mexico, Europe or South America, frizzy hair is one of the biggest problems woman face.

In my thirty years of experience doing hair, I have seen numerous trends in both the application of color products as well as cuts and styling. Many of these trends that I have seen are borrowing from other eras, decades or even centuries in the past. The 80’s for example, have always reminded me of the Victorian Era. Both of these time periods were characterized by styles that strived to look unnatural. Colors and styles revealed the effort of curling, pinning, coloring and teasing the hair. In the Victorian Era many women used an array of wigs, while hair in the 80’s often looked like wigs.

I have always felt that these styles in both time periods sought to say something profound about the person, that they were privileged enough to spend time and money on their hair.

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