Balayage for Brunette hair

Hair coloring for brunettes  for fall 2018

Warm color tones with violet reds, blue Mahogany and natural background color without any hash tones

Summer Balayage hair color for brunette hair 2018 

Balayage hair-Color for brunettes , Depending on the natural level of color and texture that the hair contains one must know and formulate the color to prevent unwanted tones.

Brunette Shadow Root hair with Balayage 2018

Brunette hair is very difficult to avoid the orange tones when you lighten the hair, Martin Rodriguez understand what it takes to avoid the unwanted orange color that ends up looking brassy.

Amber hair color
A few radiant highlights of glowing light brown look bold and beautiful against darker locks.

Cinnamon hair color
Toasty auburn delivers a spice to the hair , radiance, and intensity to red hair.

Caramel hair color tones
Rich, golden honey brown compliments warmer skin tones and adds dimension to brunette locks.

Chocolate dark warm tones with red
Deep brown softens medium-to-deep-brunette tresses and makes dark-blond hair appear richer.

No matter your starting color, our color experts can recommend highlights to bring out your best features. Stop by SmartStyle today and get your color glowing.

strobe color contouting on brunette hair


Hair color painting balayage for brunette hair natural looking without any harsh lines or stripes , well blended and with the right color tones for your hair.

Cool smoky tones for brunette hair is a perfect combination and color does not look brassy.

A variety of color tones can be done on brunette hair from cool golds with violet to smoky ash tones

A combination of golden and smoky tones for dark hair

Natural looking balayage for brunette hair

Brunette balayage more natural looking with dark chocolate and warm tones

Golden amber balayage for brunette hair with a few lighter slices framing the face.

Brunette balayage with a bit more extreme lightness around the face frame


Red violet balayage for brunette hair 

Golden ginger balayage for brunette hair, All hair color is done by Haircolorist Martin Rodriguez , Not assistants this guarantees the best hair color results.