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Winter hair coloring to compliment your skin tone

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No matter what season we are in the best thing you can do for your hair is to treated with care, Hot days and summer rays can have an effect on your hair color,  During the summer season have repair treatments done at least twice a month.

Todays treatments add keratin and a well balanced moisture back to your hair while keeping the cuticle smooth to reflect sheen and Lustre to the hair.

As we all know, living in Southern California in the winter months can take a toll on our hair and skin.  The Santa Ana winds and the dry heat in our homes deprives us of the natural moisture we need for healthy hair.  But with a little education and the right daily maintenance we can counter these harsh effects and enjoy shiny, luxurious hair all winter long.          First, if you have color-treated hair, consider trying Organic Color or hair color that contain no ammonia and order less in the salon I use Colure Organic hair color - Artego and organic color systems my hair color of choice.  The absence of ammonia and other harsh chemicals doesn’t strip the hair or leave the cuticle vulnerable to environmental elements. 

Using Color That Contain natural ingredients and oils that moisturize the hair during color applications, causing no itching or burning like ordinary traditional color systems.  If you color treat your hair, and most of us do, Ammonia free Color allows you to have the beautiful benefits of color without the detriment to your hair.     

   Second, If your hair is naturally dry to begin with, try washing it less frequently.  Use a shampoo with no Laurel Sulfates No sodium chlorides,  Make sure to use a conditioning treatment as well. 

Ask your stylist for an intense conditioning treatment during your visit to the salon.  Stylists have access to exclusive products that you will not find in your local market. 

Thirdly, make sure to protect your hair when you are out in the sun and wind by covering it with a scarf or hat.  Much has been said lately about protection from the sun for your skin but many people ignore the fact that hair is easily damaged too.  Women may not like the idea of putting a scarf on they're freshly coiffed hair but a thin silk or rayon scarf, tied loosely will protect your hair and your style.  Try these tips to maintain your hair during these dry months and you will be looking your best all winter long. 

Balayage Hair painting by Martin Rodriguez

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Winter hair color

Winter hair colors are little warmer and Darker as compared to the other hair colors of the seasons, summer, spring, autumn. This is we can create more drama and romance in hair coloring. Which simply goes well with winter? But still, you have to make sure that important factors are considered before deciding to go darker. The first thing that you need to take notice is your skin tone. Check whether you have warm or cool skin tone by looking at the underside of your forearm. If your veins appear to be ash in color, then you are classified as warm toned but if your veins are bluish, then you have cool skin tones.

Sombre-balayage on dark hair

Blonde hair color is a bit tricky because you normally associate the yellow colors with summer. But you can still make it work during the cold season if you know the right winter hair colors. For the warm skin tone, you can use honey color, amber, apricot tones, and golden blonde. Cool skin tones, can go for ash blonde or the color 

Corn silk icy blonde hair colors.

Red HEADS turn heads

A line bob hair cuts styles

Hair color from dark Auburn to light Reds 

Red heads, winter hair color is easy. If you have a warm skin tone, then you simply enhance your color by going cherry cola, with coppers but make sure you don’t go to light in your hair color. But if you have a cool skin tone, then purple, magenta, or even ruby red colors.

Always consult with your stylist or a professional

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Red hair color can turn heads 

Hair color by martin rodriguez

Adding multiple color tones to the hair can make it look healthier and natural.

Natural looking balayage Hair color
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