Conturing with strobing and highlighting ,Hair Painting for brunette hair can look amazing with the right colors

Hair Painting for brunette hair can look amazing with the right colors


The most popular hair color services for this year2018

HAIR COLORIST Martin Rodriguez

Here are some of the TOP reasons RED hair color won't last.

1.Using the wrong shampoo

2.sunlight will destroy the red dyes

3. Dry hair, environment and ph in hair

4.Copper deposits from water

5.Sweating and acid salts can cause hair color to fade and prevent great coverage .

6.Bad formulations and under timing color

Balayage hair color is here to stay

Platinum extra blonde 

Coffee Brown with Carmel

Sun kiss golden blonde

Rose gold Balayage

Rose gold for brunettes

Red hair painting with a splash of Pink



Red hair coloring with various shades and tones

Dads curling their daughters hair with tools from the garage and a flat iron, Hair styling by Martin Rodriguez. How to add curly hair with the use of a flat screwdriver and a flat iron.

1.Make sure hair is clean and dry.

2.Take small sections rap around the screwdriver and heat up hair with flat iron for 20 seconds and release.

3. Continue the rest of hair in the same manner using various thickness of hair for best results.

 4. Do not brush out hair.

Hair color correction on dark brunette hair,Client walks into a local salon and after a while walks out with orange brassy stripes! Here are some images of her hair before I Martin Rodriguez hair colorist Corrected her hair color and treated so her locks can look and feel amazing.


Here are some of the top trends in hair cutting

Short hair for women with a lot of texture long bangs with movement and very tapered neck line , This a very clean look for women on the Go” Perfect for those that play sports or want to look hip and edgy and PUNK-ISH! Sorbet hair color painting.

2018s Biggest Hair Color Trend: BALAYAGE HAIR COLOR

This year the biggest challenge in hair coloring is bringing hair back from the dead, Some hair has gone trough huge chemical changes. So Many people have jump into the movement of the mermaid hair coloring ,Bleaching hair to the point of death without treating hair and adding back the proteins and amino acids that will retain the hair in good shape and will allow us to continue adding color to, the hair.Without the right hair treatments the will be degraded even more Say’s Hair Colorist Martin Rodriguez.

Trends for 2018 will be going back to more natural colors and bringing the hair to life, Adding shine and maintaining a radiant head of healthy looking hair.

Hair color correction


How many times have you visited a stylist and the first thing you hear is what would you like done with You’re hair ?

 I know your thinking How the heck should I KNOW, This is why Im here !

 Let me tell you a little secret that Ive discovered over the years working in  the beauty Business Most hair stylist Don’t have the proper training to understand our industry Its more than just cutting hair and coloring its about the experience of sharing information with a client and having a great connection so we can bring those hair dreams to live .

 Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez follows certain steps to assure you will get the best experience with your visit in the salon.

1. Consultation 

2.Desired look of style and coloring

3.lifestyle of client

4.Low maintenance hair or High keep

5.Educating the clients on new look and hair maintenance 

6.Pre Booking client ahead

Hair Colorist Martin rodriguez is here to offer all hair solutions that will fit your life style and BUDGET.

Todays hottest trends in hair color is hair painting with multiple tones Martin says it can be done on any type of hair short long and curly hair, including gray hair. Today most people have to maintain a certain look due to the Jobs and most people want to look their best. Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez recommends adding a little change if it’s your first time getting color it will enhance your skin tone and make the hair cut stand out from the rest.

Hair color correction:

Mermaid Crazy coloring, Not ever salon or stylist are ready or have the knowledge to fix and correct  hair color mishaps, The last two years we have seen tons of people with Pinks orange purples and blue greens hair colors know as mermaid hair coloring. In beauty school all hair stylist were NOT trained to fix these types of hair colors, Today stylist want to bleach the heck out of the hair to get RID of these CRAZY colors. Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez has the UNDERSTATING on how to NEUTRALIZED unwanted color tones Martin says you only have one head of hair and if you don’t treat the hair properly as you color hair it will be frail and unhealthy. In hair coloring or hair color correction Martin Follows seven steps to better hair coloring Martin had the privilege of learning hair color chemistry fro a Hair color chemist and friend Dennis Gebhart  a mentor in hair color correction  and the understating of how to improve hair with proteins and the use of the right haircare.

The best hair care for your hair in hair coloring we must replace what we take away from hair when we color Martin Rodriguez Hair colorist does that in all hair color services,Martin says hair is made out of keratin and amino Accids. 

Today clients are BOMBARDED with an array of hair products That they truly don’t know or understand. Here is My favorite choices of hair products that replace hair proteins and are not Highly expensive. 

ENJOY FORMULA 18 HAIRCARE : Created by a hair stylist that understands hair .


KIN NORTH AMERICA NUTRI PRODUCTS , A product that contains CERAMIDES it has proven to repair hair by fifty percent in the first visit.

KINESSENCES HAIRCARE A MULTI FUNCTIONAL HAIR PRODUCT WITH OILS AND CERAMIDES  proteins that will improve the performance of your hair.

Men’s hair cutting and hair Grooming 2017 by Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

Hair cuts and fades and the famous pompadour mens cut and style Martin takes the techniques that it takes to create the perfect mens hair cuts. Mens hair has changed drastically over the years.

BLENDED HiGHLIGHTS VS Stripes in hair which do you prefer in your hair? 2017 hair color goals 

Over the years of hair coloring clients hair from time to time someone may ask you for Bold stripes in hair, As a colorist for me is that it looks natural and not stick out like a huge mistake in hair coloring, even if the clients feels like a tiger herself it should always blend with other tones that compliment the boldness of the stripes in her hair. Today in 2017 I do a lot of free hand Balayage and hair painting This application gives me the control of giving the clients what they want in their hair coloring even if I’m using various tones from black hair color to gray I can create a multitude of patterns and shades for clients.

Balayage hair painting can be done on any type of hair including curly hair, long hair, brunettes and gray hair clients wanting a soft natural tone without getting in the salon every two weeks for color touch ups.

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez at Ooh la la salon spa,Fountain Valley ca. 92808













ColourWand Balayage Hair color techniques using hand painting sweeping Motions.

Balayage is the term for French high-lighting effects.

This method of balayage hair coloring is for all hair type, when in the right hands it produces beautiful color tones and various color shades.

Is bleach the same with balayage as you do with traditional foil?

If you know what you’re doing you can use any bleach the longest the mix is right. Today in the market there is Different bleaches available from Organic blech and M.E.A ONE MUST HAVE A GREAT UNDERSTADING of these products and what they do.

I like using Regular ammonia powdered lightener this product is made to work evenly in a time manner of 45 min without over drying the hair , I like mixing 2 ounces of 20 vol developer to one scoop of blech.

When I think of the balayage technique, I think of sweeping with a broom or dusting the hair lightly for the coloring effect that I imagine.

 Balayage can be done on any level of hair color from black to gray hair?

starting at the nape and painting the hair at different angles with the brush and using various painting strokes with bleach or color with low volume h2o2 you can add a couple of other colors to achieve different tones and contrast in balayage hair painting.

Dark or Black Hair

First time client’s I explain that this technique looks better on layered hair. The highlights SHOULD STILL blend and not so bold if the client has darker hair. It is a good idea to use various tones on dark hair for a better blend of tones.


For red heads I use the same theory as above always-using color and bleach with reds I else recommend using some yellow gold’s these colors look amazing with the reds color deposits specially if you are using the patterns of rounds and flats, lighting plays a huge part in hair coloring.


One must have a true Understanding of the chemistry of hair color and bleaches specially if using hair color at home. Hair-color is 98% chemicals without the knowledge you will not be able to have successes in hair coloring.    

HAIR COLOR and styling GOALS with  IDEAS


The Importance of Men’s Grooming

Martin rodriguez

Hair stylist Martin Rodriguez


Everybody knows that women are under a lot of pressure to look good. Salons are full of women, getting facials, manicures, color and cuts. Seeing a man at the salon is like spotting an endangered species. But why aren’t men keeping up appearances? Maybe they feel that good grooming only requires the basics: a barber cut, a shave and clean clothes. Surely, they think, men don’t have to worry about hairstyles, products, or God forbid, styling tools! Unfortunately, those guys that ignore style and grooming don’t realize they are giving the wrong impression, or worse, no impression at all. Those heartthrobs that women swoon over in the movies make an effort to be hot. Even when they have that unkempt look that women love, it is a masterful mix of rugged manliness with professional grooming. 

Maybe men are a little intimidated by an industry that seems to be dominated by women and gay men. Let’s face it, men don’t like to jump into something that feels foreign, myself included. But being stylishly groomed has its rewards so keep your eye on the prize, namely women. You can’t expect to compete for the attention of women when images of Ryan Gosling or George Clooney are dancing in their heads, meanwhile you have the same haircut from middle school, except it grows longer from your ears than your head. The double standard that men get to be slobs while women bend over backwards to be fit and beautiful is gone. American men spend over 50% more on grooming than they did in 1997. In The U.K. that rate rose by 66% in just one year, from 2010 to 2011. If you men haven’t already begun to put some effort into your grooming routine you will quickly be overshadowed by those who do.

hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

Lastly, when we put effort into our image it pays in our professional life too. Like it or not, first impressions are visual. People equate a positive image with many positive traits, such as integrity, honesty, and reliability. Not to mention, when we put effort into our appearance it gives us confidence. Confidence shows in our body language, which tells others that we have self-respect, which gains the respect of others. So whether you want to improve your success in the bedroom or the boardroom, find a good stylist. It all starts with looking the part. 

By Hairstylist Martin Rodriguez

Ooh la la salon

Fountain valley ca 92708

714 366-6964


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The woman of today professionals to actresses wear their hair up and down for a variety of hair styles for various occasions. 

Tight hair buns are popular with Hollywood professionals actresses who wear their hair up. Hair on top of the head is pulled back into the polished bun or teased soft and rough. Although fashioned into a side part is often pulled at an angle to the side of the head, then back, rather than straight back. This type of Hollywood bun creates a tough girl look with the traditional elegance of beauty in long hair. Younger Hollywood Professionals pullout pieces and strands from their buns for a more spontaneous, unkempt look.

A number of Professional females to Hollywood stars from past times to present prefer simple classic looks. With a few changes when they wear their hair down. Long hair that is simply cut INTO layers is a timeless look that is easy to make modern and edgy with the angles of a great haircut the layers give volume to texture and shape. Highlights on long layered hair give the hair depth and movement, volume, and complexity that are also modern and interact well with light and cameras. Today’s stars wear the long layered hairstyles for movement and soft texture. With short or med. length bangs. Straight hair is a thing of the past for now woman today looks for extra body and texture in their long locks voluminous waves. Women’s Up-do’s

The woman of today professionals to actresses wear their hair up and down for a variety of hair styles for various occasions. Tight hair buns are popular with Hollywood professionals actresses who wear their hair up. Hair on top of the head is pulled back into the polished bun or teased soft and rough. Although fashioned into a side part is often pulled at an angle to the side of the head, then back, rather than straight back. This type of Hollywood bun creates a tough girl look with the traditional elegance of beauty in long hair. Younger Hollywood Professionals pullout pieces and strands from their buns for a more spontaneous, unkempt look.


  The perfect blowout hairstyle WITH KINACTIF NUTRI HAIR CARE PRODUCT

By Kin North America

Clients should understand the basics of a ‘blowout’.

Women across the nation have sought the perfect hairstyle. That elusive blend of volume softness, smoothness and style has created frustration in many women who seek the perfect hair their personalities and creativity through their locks. Hairstyles often represent the cultural, social and ethnic identity for many individuals and can also represent a certain social status. While hair density, texture and length are all factors in a person’s hairstyle, fashion and trends play the biggest role in women’s hairstyles and hair coloring.

       Now The perfect blowout is not just drying the hair!Actuality the blowout is a styling technique that takes practice anyone can achieve a great Blow out with some schooling and practice lets get started.

When done properly you can create soft gentle curves in the hair. A proper blowout can add fullness and volume to the hair, can straighten curls, and can add shine. Here are a few simple tools you need, and then take you through the blowout process.

What you need:

       1 Shampooed Cleaned hair

       2 conditioned hair

       3 A Blow Dryer

       4 Heat-Protective Styling Products

 (Depending on the type of    hair you have)

 Curly hair I recommend using NUTRI Blow dry cream anti frizz creams and kin spray gloss for soft touchable hair

For straight hair try Kin texture Radical spray Thermic spray or curly cream , Extreme mousse by Kin  for volume

       5 Clips for Controlling the Hair

       6 A rat-tail Comb

       7 A paddle Brush

       8 A Round Brushes

       We want to start with the hair having fresh shampooed hair and conditioned. This ensures a great starting point for our styling. Residual build-up of some hair styling products can leave the hair stiff and dull it can change the look of the hair during the styling process. Make sure to understand the hair products that you will be using in your styling. Plan Ahead in the style you will like to achieve. Techniques are important so you can manage the hair well when you’re trying to get a feel for how a technique is supposed to work and feel.

      Aside from clean hair, the most-important factor in this technique is the blow dryer. Any blow dryer can help you dry your hair. But FOR BEST results from a blow dryer you want something that allows you to control the temperature and airflow more than just your basic blow dryer.

       Use a hair dryer that offers dual-settings switch on the fan and the temperature. You also want a dryer with a ‘cool shot’ Button which HELPS cool the hair from heating. As long as the button is pressed this allows you to change the temperature of the airflow to cool to HOT. 

The round brushes are for drying and styling with volume and creating soft curls in your hair try using various sizes of round brushes. For best results clip the hair after each section has been dry with the brush and let the hair cool of. The vented brush is called such because it has vents in its base that allow the air to circulate through the brush and dry the hair more quickly. The round brush generally has a metallic or ceramic barrel at its base that is designed to hold heat and allow you to reshape the hair shaft along the bend of the barrel. It’s this barrel curvature that allows the hair to be shaped into soft curves. Just as with rollers, you want the barrel of your round brush to be larger depending on the length of your hair.

How To:

       Start with Nutri #2 shampooed, conditioned with Nutri mask and towel-dried, apply a quarter size amount of your protective/styling hair product and comb it through evenly. Next take your comb and your hairs clips and divide the hair into workable sections. Gather the top of the hair of and twist it into a coil and clip it in place. The middle section of the hair should be separated into left and right sides. Leave the lower third hanging loose and comb it to remove any tangles and make sure the product is distributed evenly – adding more as needed.

 Start drying the hair using low heat with a high airflow. Brush through the hair to separate the hair and keep the hair and dryer moving constantly. The goal is to gently dissipate the water on the hair to a dry’ state. Once the hair is ‘mostly dry’ you want to switch to your round brush, and shift your dryer to high heat and low airflow.

       Use the round brush and pull the hair taut as you direct the hot air along the length of the shaft in the direction the hair grows. You never want to blow the air toward the scalp along the hair shaft. If you blow the hair toward the scalp the hair will become frizzy follow the direction of the hair grain away from the scalp.

       Stylist TIP: The secret to blow dry straightening is TENSION. You need a brush that is going to pull the hair taut as you blow the hot air along its length. If you have fine hair and can’t seem to get your hair straight with a blow dryer, this is probably why. If necessary, use a brush with natural fiber bristles to get the desired tension. For truly straight hair in a blowout style, use a flat paddle brush. We’re demoing the round brush look because we want SOFT gentle curves in the hairstyle.

       If you want to add extra fullness and volume to the hair, use texture sprays to your round brush and to the sections of hair where you need more volume. Hold sections of hair taut near the scalp while you direct the airflow to style the hair. Once the hair is dried, hit the cool shot button and cool off the hair to set the hair. This will cause the hair to stand away from the scalp and give volume.

       Continue with these steps through the rest of the sections of the hair. Take your time and work in smaller sections as you finish with the rest of the hair. You’ll be happier with your hairstyle if you take your time don’t rush the job.  Finished look, you can actually set a few sharper curves in the hair by using your round brush or fingers apply a dime size of KIN STAR wax hair polish to your hands emulsify well and take one section at a time to add polish look by using your fingers wrapping hair and shaping with hands and fingers. Along the front hairline, try curling the hair around the brush and warming it while you hold the hair taut, then cool the hair and remove the brush. You can create these deep bends along a parting line or simply at the forward hairline to give a more polished look.

       Use a similar technique at the ends of the hair by rolling the brush in your fingers to keep the hair wrapped around the barrel of the brush while it is warmed. Cool the hair while you continue rolling the brush to set the bend in the hair. Once you have the look you want, spray the hair lightly with (KIN ) KIN Hairspray to keep the style looking smooth and neat.

Dark HairColor

Not every is happy with their color that God gave them. Here are a few tips to enhance that color suddenly. A great way is to add a few lighter shadows around the face line and at the crown of the head, this will give you some brightness and enhance your natural dark hair.

Color to choose, Red gold, Auburn, Blue base tones be sure to lighten hair a fraction one to two levels only.

Mark hair with lighter face line hair color


Dishwater blondes

 Natural dark blondes tend to look drab and unpleasant, this color needs brightness and gold tones to bring out life and bolder colors will look amazing on this level of hair. Recommended colors, Golds, Light blondes with a blue base, apricots for background, Carmel.



Consultation and unexpected color photos that have been photoshopped 

Highlights consist of selecting small or thick strands of hair that are then lightened at least 2 shades lighter than the rest of your hair.

 Highlights should compliment your skin tones and match your personality. 

 If you desire a natural look you should never go more than 3 shades lighter then the rest of your HAIR COLOR. Natural looking highlights give you a sun-kissed look and to bring depth and light to your overall color.  

For racier highlights a rainbow of colors can be chosen.  However, these should still match the skin tones of the individual.  


Pick the right color. Your hair color should suit your complexion. Any hair color will look good on pale skin. If you have pink skin, avoid shades of red or golden blonde. 

Opt instead for ash tones to neutralize your coloring. Sallow complexion? Stick with deep reds & avoid yellow, gold or orange tones. If your skin is olive, stick with dark  or red colors & add richness with Low-lights in red or brown shades.


To color or to highlight , that's the question. If you have short hair, avoid highlights & opt for full color. Subtle highlights around your face will brighten your complexion if you have longer hair. 

Keep in mind that due to root growth, all-over coloring will need to be touched up every 4 to 6 weeks, while highlights can last up to 2 or 3 months.



Different types of highlights. There are basically 4 types of highlights: basic foil highlights, Biollage or ‘Balayage hair painting’, chunking or 'piecing' & low lighting and paneling.

Martin Rodriguez

as seen in Sam Villa art Team



What does your client love about the pictures they brought in? If they decided to bring in a smorgasbord, don’t just choose one and go for it. Ask yourself, "Do all of these pictures have one similar quality? What kind of verbiage is she using to describe the picture?" Be technical, but bring it all back to them and what they are trying to say. It’s always good to verify one last time for good measure. Confirm by saying, “what I’m hearing is…” and before you head back to the shampoo area, hopefully you’ve heard something along the lines of “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m looking for!”


Flex Your Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge allows you to demonstrate your brain power and leave no doubt or question behind the value of professional products vs. store bought and/or professional services vs. home remedies. You are setting the bar, ensuring the customer can recreate their desired look at home, and by giving them solutions to the problems you have identified in the consultation. If you skip this part, you can bet that when this client reads about ‘putting coconut oil on your hair every day cures dandruff’, she will believe it.

Set Yourself Up To Set Yourself Apart

Under promise and over deliver by guiding your guest toward more realistic expectations. You can guarantee that you’ll retain them and build a long-standing relationship by taking the time to build a “hair plan” over a number of appointment sessions, allowing the service to evolve with integrity at the forefront. If all doesn’t go as you initially had planned, at least you didn’t promise the moon and stars, but also bear in mind that you’ve essentially guaranteed yourself a second visit to make “minor adjustments” next time! Either way, you’re in the drivers seat, you’re the one with the knowledge and experience, you’re the professional. Make it obvious that you are indispensable!

Be An Artist

Thank you Sam

Hair color is Not a trend It’s a necessity, From adding subtle high lights to adding multiple colors to make your hair stand out from the rest.

Balayage :  Is a free form of adding blonde to the hair that does not require the client to maintain as often.

Sombre hair color : Sombre is a blended combination of colors that compliment each other with out any harsh lines in the hair coloring application.

Hair painting:  Hair painting is done all free hand using multiple colors it can be applied on any hair length even gray hair.


Learn to paint seamless and beautiful balayage hair painting with National Balayage Educators  Martin Rodriguez, Jerry the color god Morrison, Janette Barrera.  In this full day, interactive and hands on Hair painting class, you will learn basics on Balayage & advanced balayage  color melting techniques , hair painting applications, balayage hi lighting and low lighting  achieving maximum lift with a balayage lighteners, Understanding balayage ON grey hair coverage, Martin Rodriguez ColourWand Hair Painting signature paneling technique using multiple colors. How to transition foil clients to balayage,  Martin’s will cover  tips and tricks to take back to your salon and have you painting with confidence and skillfully. This is a limited class to ensure that all students have a great understanding of balayage hair painting , Only 10 to15 tickets per class.

Press Release

Hair Stylist Martin Rodriguez Receives 2015 Best Businesses of Fountain Valley Award

Fountain Valley Award Program Honors the Achievement

Fountain Valley, February 15, 2016 — Hair Stylist Martin Rodriguez has been selected for the 2015 Best Businesses of Fountain Valley Award in the Hair Stylists category by the Best Businesses of Fountain Valley Award Program.

Each year, the Best Businesses of Fountain Valley Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Fountain Valley area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2015 Best Businesses of Fountain Valley Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Best Businesses of Fountain Valley Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About the Best Businesses of Fountain Valley Award Program

The Best Businesses of Fountain Valley Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Fountain Valley area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Best Businesses of Fountain Valley Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Best Businesses of Fountain Valley Award Program
Best Businesses of Fountain Valley Award Program
Email: PublicRelations@BestBusinesses.biz
URL: http://www.BestBusinesses.biz

Vivid color or Not that is the question


1. Are you Financially Prepared for the Upkeep Vivid hair coloring?

The colorist you choose figure out in your budget if you want to maintain the upkeep. Vivid hair color painting are Beautiful and amazingly stunning, but they begin to fade in as little as Two weeks!

How often can you revive the vivid color?

 Are you okay with the fading process and possibly are you uncomfortable with fading colors?

How does your Bank account feel about it?

 Something to consider.

2. Is the Integrity of your hair going to be compromised by Bleaching Process?

What? YES

Your hair will get bleached? Yes, yes it will be bleached. Your hair must be the bleached to the color of pale blonde to be able to take the vivid color in its truest pigment form. Is your hair strong enough to go through that process?

Think about it.

3. Can You Dedicate Time To the Vivid Color Trend?

It it's addictive. Once I colored my hair power-blue I immediately was thinking of what color I wanted to do next. Perhaps making the change before your best friends wedding in the Midwest wouldn't be the best of time. Since she asked that hair in all the Bridesmaids should be as normal as possible.

Vivid blue hair color


4. Buying Products to Maintain the Vivid hair color?

Sulfate free shampoo with a 4.4 to 5.5 ph. and conditioner and repair mask for your vivid hair. If you think about how much your coloring service costs, you should know that's only part of getting the job done. Make your hair color service last to its full potential.

 Be equipped with the right tools to take care of your hair at home. I also recommend a leave in CONDITIONING spray to keep your hair feeling soft and shiny.


5. What kind of Hair a Good Candidate for a Vibrant Color Service?

What is your natural hair color?

 On a scale of 1 to 10,Hair color level system chart

1 being black color, level 6 being dark blonde with a natural level six you have a better chance it wont take to long to lighten the hair and less damage than a level one.

Where is your hair color on the scale?

The best bleaches in the industry are really designed to lift up to 7 levels.

This will take several processes and it depends on pre-existing hair color you may have.

6. What Vivid Color will compliment your Skin-Tone?

Vivid orange color

I have a lot of warm in my skin, so ask the colorist to help you make the right color choice.

 7. Are you a Trendsetter?

Will vivid colors give you confidence?

 It is fun and bold and you will be noticed everywhere are you ready for the attention. Compliments from strangers in the market, friends. Be prepared for people's reactions as "oh I could never do that" but that.

 Martin Rodriguez

Sombre: It’s a blend of colors applied as I highlight the whole head using a lightener on the hair, deposit color as a background to give the hair contrast and gloss.

  ​Blending colors next  to each other, from ashy to blondes to brunette the ash tones keeps the hair from getting to warm and will compliment the darker tones.

The effect is “Natural looking and the client will feel more comfortable yet sexy; being put-together without looking like you tried too hard,” Martin Rodriguez. says that in order to maintain healthy and beautiful hair it’s a great idea to have a color refresher and treatments in between visits of doing the whole color all over.

Martin Rodriguez @ ooh la la salon spa located in Fountain Valley ca.92708has been serving the Orange County community since 1984.He specializes in finding the perfect combination of cut and color to match your personal features and style. Whether it be for a special occasion or everyday, Martin's passion is making you look your best.

Hair stylist Martin Rodriguez is the founder of ColourWand 

  • Colourwand balayage tools ,custom engineered by  master colorist Martin Rodriguez with over 36 years experience. 

The only tool designed exclusively for Balayage and Ombre hair painting. All tools are hand crafted and made to last Guaranteed.

Martin has worked in Orange County, California for over a 35 years where his knowledge has gained recognition from numerous celebrities, models, photographers, magazines, and top haircare companies. His expertise in the art of Balayage hair painting has been highly sought out by many salons, beauty schools, and individual stylists. 

Voted Best Hair Colorist in Orange county

Latino Hairdressers Award 2015

Best Stylist of the Year 2015

Excellence in Hairdressing 2015

Best Balayage Colorist of the Year 2015

Various hair color shades

Red with a splash of pink hair colorT

copy wrights Hair colorist  Martin Rodriguez - colourwand balayage tools